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A stretch limousine.

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MnDOT offers tips on renting limousines, party buses

When renting buses, limousines and other passenger vehicles, taking extra measures can help ensure safe travel. Learn more.


What is a limousine?

A limousine is an unmarked luxury passenger automobile that is not a bus, pickup truck, taxicab, truck, or multi-purpose vehicle (MPV), and seats 15 or fewer passengers (including the driver). Operating a limousine must meet the following conditions:

  • The vehicle does not have a meter
  • Service is for-hire
  • Service is not provided on a regular route
  • Arrangements are made before service is provided
  • Seating capacity is 15 or fewer passengers (including the driver)
  • Service charges are more than a taxicab for a comparable trip
What do I need to do to operate a limousine?

Limousines meeting the criteria above must be registered with the MnDOT Office of Freight and Commercial Vehicle Operations. Click New Limousine Operators at the top.