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Limousine operators and drivers have a responsibility to follow state and federal regulations, keep their passengers safe, and to keep their vehicles both clean and mechanically sound.

MnDOT is committed to ensuring limousine operators meet safety requirements, with the goal of making sure all passengers reach their destination safely.

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MnDOT has resumed vehicle inspections

We have resumed vehicle inspections on the west side of the MnDOT FIRST Building in Richfield, MN. For now, we will not be using our garage for inspections, and the building will be closed to the public.

MnDOT staff continue to follow the guidance of state and federal health officials to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. To protect the health of our customers and staff, anyone who needs their vehicle inspected must follow these guidelines:

  • If you are sick or have symptoms of COVID-19, please reschedule your inspection.
  • You must stay in the vehicle at all times during the inspection process. This includes waiting for the inspection.
  • You must wear a face mask that covers your nose and mouth.
  • The vehicle being inspected must be sanitized before bringing it for an inspection.
  • Please listen to all directions given by the inspector for a fast, efficient inspection.

If you have any questions, please email us at vehicleinspections.dot@state.mn.us or call us at 651-366-3648.

Are you new to Vehicle Inspections?

Check out our PowerPoint presentation on The Limo Vehicle Inspection Process: A Guide for New Drivers, and learn what to expect when your vehicle gets inspected.