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about Historic Railroads, please contact Liz Abel at 651/366-3604.


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Minnesota Statewide Historic Railroads Study

Project Report (pdf format 6.1Mb)


Multiple Property Documentation Form Report
Table of Contents (pdf format 43kb)
Section E (pdf format 656kb)
Section F Text (pdf format 246kb)
Section F Figures (pdf format 2.3Mb)
Sections G and H (pdf format 19kb)
Bibliography and Glossary (pdf format 83kb)

Maps - Group 1 (pdf format 3.1Mb)
Minnesota Railroads - 1930
Canadian Northern Railway - 1930
Chicago Northwestern Railway - 1930
Chicago Milwaukee St. Paul and Pacific Railway - 1930

Maps - Group 2 (pdf format 2.7Mb)
Duluth Missabe and Iron Range Railway - 1930
Duluth and Northeastern Railway - 1930
Great Northern Railway - 1930
Minnesota Dakota and Western Railway - 1930

Maps - Group 3 (pdf format 2.1Mb)
Minneapolis Northfield and Southern Railway - 1930
Minneapolis St. Paul and Sault Ste. Marie (Soo Line) Railway - 1930
Northern Pacific Railway - 1930

Maps - Group 4 (pdf format 642kb)

Minneapolis - St. Paul Area
Duluth - Superior Area
Mesabi Range