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about Minnesota Farmsteads, please contact Jackie Sluss at 651/366-3624 or Liz Abel at 651/366-3604.


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Historic Context Study of Minnesota Farms 1820-1960

Table of Contents (pdf format 92 kb)
Introduction (pdf format 239 kb)
Objectives and Methods
Developmental Periods (pdf format 1.39 MB)
Snapshot of Farming Regions in 1940 (pdf format 323 kb)
Planning and Building Farm Structures (pdf format 1.01 MB)
Individual Farm Elements A thru E (pdf format 1.58 MB)
Individual Farm Elements F thru G (pdf format 1.50 MB)
Individual Farm Elements H thru O (pdf format 1.24 MB)
Individual Farm Elements P thru S (pdf format 1.65 MB)
Individual Farm Elements T thru W (pdf format 704 kb)
Evaluation of National Registry Eligibility (pdf format 363 kb)
Appendices A thru L
(pdf format 1.31 MB)

Historical Archeology of Minnesota Farmsteads (pdf format 4.32 MB)

Entire Volumes (These are large files and may take a long time to download)
Volume 1
(pdf format 10.3 mb)
Volume 2 (pdf format 13.7 mb)
Volume 3 (pdf format 9.1 mb)
Volume 4
(pdf format 4.3 mb)