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Cultural Resources

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GIS Deliverables for MnDOT Cultural Resources Contractors

Deliverables in GIS format will improve the value of the cultural resources data for a variety of purposes.  Locations mapped using the methods specified below will be more accurate than those derived from UTMs read from USGS 7.5 minute quadrangles.  This level of accuracy will assist planners and engineers in designing projects to avoid cultural resources for this and future projects.  Accurate maps of surveyed areas will prevent redundant surveys in the future, allowing us to use limited resources to survey places that have not yet been examined.  More accurate locations of archaeological sites and surveys will also help improve the accuracy of Mn/Model, our tool for identifying site potential and determining which areas will require surveys.


Required Data

APE boundaries are required for both archaeological and historic architecture surveys. Surveyed areas must be mapped only for archaeological surveys (the APE is the survey area for architectural history surveys). Any archaeological or historic properties located must be mapped.


If soil boring logs are submitted, core locations must be mapped. If stratigraphic cross-sections are constructed, cross-section lines are also required.