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Forum on Integrating Context Sensitive Solutions in MnDOT Services and Programs

Feb. 27–28, 2012

This two-day forum explored challenges, opportunities, and recommendations for integrating CSS across the Minnesota Department of Transportation's departments and services.

Day 1

Introduction and Welcome: Purpose and Outcomes of Forum

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Assessment of Current Issues

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Panel A: Diversity and Demographics

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Panel B: Rapid Change and Technology

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Panel C: Fiscal Responsibility and Risk Management

  • Moderator: Scott Bradley, MnDOT Director of Context Sensitive Solutions
  • Phil Barnes, MnDOT Innovative Financing
  • Eric Davis, MnDOT Enterprise Risk Management
  • Judy Schmidt, MnDOT ERM and Financial Management

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Day 2

Day 1 Summary

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Panel D: How Do We Move Forward with CSS?

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Forum Wrap-Up

  • Scott Bradley, MnDOT Director of Context Sensitive Solutions
  • Janet D'Ignazio, ICF International Vice President

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