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Construction Manager / General Contractor

About the program and current projects

Construction Manager / General Contractor

Construction Manager / General Contractor (CMGC) is an integrated approach to planning, designing and constructing a project. Owners, designers and contractors work collaboratively to develop the project scope, optimize the design, improve quality and manage cost. See a general overview of CMGC.

MnDOT's CMGC program

In 2012, MnDOT obtained legislative authority to use the CMGC contracting process. MnDOT’s first CMGC project, the Winona Bridge, is currently being designed and constructed with completion scheduled in 2019. MnDOT’s second CMGC project, the Hwy 53 relocation in Virginia, Minn., is currently in the construction phase.

Policy and laws

Program notes

Current CMGC projects

Upcoming CMGC projects

Potential CMGC projects

  • 11th Street Project in Moorhead, MN


Kevin Hagness, PE