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Seeds student worker program current openings

Willmar – District 8

Job ID: 42273

  • Location: 2505 Transportation Rd, Willmar, MN 56201
  • Division: Operations
  • Majors: Accounting, Business Office Management

This position will assist the Business Office with administrative support, receptionist duties, data entry, ordering of supplies, purchasing/accounts payable and other business office duties as needed.


  • Administrative support in Business Office
  • Data entry, ordering supplies, purchasing/accounts payable
  • Other business office duties as needed

Metro Environmental Noise/Air

Job ID: 42273

  • Location: 1500 W. County Road B-2, Roseville, MN 55113-3174
  • Division: Modal Planning & Program Management
  • Majors: Physical Sciences, Civil Engineering

This position is to assist MnDOT Metro Noise/Air Quality staff in conducting field noise measurements, documenting measurements, and updating the GIS database. This position will use Microsoft Excel and ArcGIS mapping applications to track and share field data collected with a Sound Level Meter. Using Microsoft Excel and Word to assist with writing the 2021 Metro Standalone Noise Program report.


  • Measure noise levels in the field using and Sound Level Meter as directed by Noise/Air staff.
  • Record and document data using field measurement sheets or Noise Collector Application.
  • Analyze noise measurement data and results.
  • Scan, save, and file field measurement sheets as directed.
  • Update noise measurement data using programs such as ArcGIS and Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.
  • Communicate measurement results with Noise/Air staff in order to complete the Metro Standalone Noise Barrier Study.

Central Office – Maintenance

Job ID: 42273

  • Location: 395 John Ireland Blvd., St. Paul, MN 55155
  • Division: Water Services
  • Majors: Architecture, Engineering, Building Construction

This Seeds position is to provide support to the building services section. The work will consist of assisting Building Services with tasks related to our records retention by going through our archived files and destroying records. The position will assist the architecture and engineering disciplines by helping administer Archibus, the statewide building asset management database. This work will consist of cataloging building systems into Archibus, writing procedures and standards to document how the process works, and making site visits to the various MnDOT buildings to field verify information.


  • Cataloging building systems into Archibus and field verifying building systems
  • Updating and managing building floor plans
  • Making site visits to field verify equipment
  • Writing procedures to document process
  • Assist with MnDOT BSS Records Management and Destruction
  • Archive Project Files following established procedures
  • Assist Architecture and Engineering Units with AutoCAD design
  • Update ESRI GIS site information

Research & Innovation Seeds Student Worker

Office: Research & Innovation
Location: 395 John Ireland Blvd., St. Paul, MN 55155
Majors: Journalism, Communications, Business, Public Administration, Marketing, Library Science, Public Policy, Civil Engineering

The MnDOT Office of Research & Innovation seeks a student worker to help provide administration, communications, and program support for three programs: research, innovation & transportation library. This is a great opportunity for a student with previous internship or work experience to expand their skills in a professional setting. Student will work independently with limited supervision.


  • Meeting coordination and preparation
  • Website and social media management
  • Assisting the development of a digital library system
  • Revising policies and procedures
  • Preparing materials for the annual research solicitation 
  • Routing transportation library periodicals/materials
  • Developing content for newsletters & publications