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Road Construction Impacts on Small Businesses

Report and materials

Road construction impacts

Mitigation of Transportation Construction Impacts report
MnDOT works with small businesses to help minimize construction impacts

MnDOT recognizes that as construction projects become larger in size and duration, small businesses are more at risk for difficulties arising from construction impacts. We work with small businesses to provide them with the information they need to understand the potential impacts of a project and the available resources to manage their business during construction.



Report and appendices

In an effort to help MnDOT staff develop better communication methods with small businesses, MnDOT completed a report about how transportation construction projects affect these nearby businesses. The report was prepared in response to a law passed by the Minnesota State Legislature in 2008 (Laws 2008, Chapter 308), and developed in coordination with other state agencies, counties, cities, chamber of commerce and business owners from across Minnesota.



Topics include:




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