Minnesota Department of Transportation

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MnDOT audit areas

Contract close-out and consultant, railroad, utility and transit

We conduct pre-award and post-award audits of claims by railroad, utility, transit and traffic entities as a result of contracts entered into between MnDOT and these entities.

We conduct post-award audits of claims by consultants and planning agencies as a result of contracts with MnDOT. Desk and field audits are conducted on all final bills under these contracts. The audits conducted are to determine if the organization's accounting system is capable of identifying costs for cost type contracts and whether charges billed under contracts are supported by their cost accounting system and reimbursable under state and federal laws, rules and regulations.

Consultant liaison and pre-award

We're responsible for:

  • Consultant pre-award audits
  • All administrative approvals
  • Audit's database
  • Audit liaison with consultants and MnDOT administrators
  • Supervisory review of overhead rates
  • Final contract payments
  • Determining if agreements should be exempt from audit review


We conduct audits within MnDOT by furnishing analysis, appraisals and recommendations. We examine and evaluate the adequacy and effectiveness of the organization's system of internal control, whether MnDOT is managing its resources in an economical and efficient manner, and whether MnDOT is effective in achieving its program objectives. We also review MnDOT operations, informing management about compliance with financial and compliance requirements.