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Standalone Noise Barrier

Twin cities metro area


The MnDOT Metro Standalone Noise Barrier Program provides funding for construction of noise barriers along state highways in areas where no noise abatement measures currently exist and no major construction projects are currently programmed. The majority of the residential units that would benefit from a noise barrier must have been constructed prior to 1997. Any noise barriers constructed under this program must meet the criteria for feasibility, reasonableness, and cost effectiveness identified in MnDOT’s noise requirements.

MnDOT maintains a list of areas within the Metro District where residential noise standards are exceeded. These areas are ranked based on existing noise levels, the number of homes adjacent to the highway, and the cost effectiveness of a potential noise barriers. The list is updated every five years.

MnDOT uses a solicitation to select standalone noise barrier projects from the ranking list. Interested cities must fill out an application form and provide information about the area where a noise barrier is being requested. MnDOT then conducts a noise study and scores the applications.

The current ranking list, funding application, and guidance are available at the Metro Highway Noise Barrier Program website.