Minnesota Department of Transportation

New account management system

MnPASS has transitioned to a new account management system that requires existing customers to register their account with the new system. If you have not created a username and password for the new system, please create it at Register Existing Account.



MnPASS - A fast, safe and reliable commute

If you drive alone and want a convenient and predictable travel option, why not open a MnPASS account and start using MnPASS Express Lanes? These lanes help maintain traffic flow, reduce congestion and give drivers a safe, reliable commute when they pay an electronic fee. Learn how MnPASS Express Lanes improve the efficiency and the financial effectiveness of the region’s highway and transit system (PDF).



National tolling industry will determine when MnPASS will be interoperable with other toll roads

MnDOT is planning to become interoperable with other state electronic toll systems like E-ZPASS, but it’s waiting for the national tolling industry and the federal government to determine what the new interoperability standard and requirements will be. Federal laws required all state electronic toll systems to become interoperable by Oct. 2016, and the Federal Highway Administration has allowed the national tolling industry to take the lead on determining what the national interoperability standard and requirements should be. They have not yet made a decision.


Because MnPASS serves a peak period Twin Cities’ commuter market, there’s not huge demand for interoperability from other states. It doesn’t make sense for MnDOT to invest heavily in an interoperable approach before we know what the new national standard and requirements will be. However, MnDOT is making sure the MnPASS investments being made are interoperable-ready. For example, MnDOT is installing toll reading equipment that will enable the department to read essentially any electronic toll device in a vehicle (E-ZPASS, TxTag). It’s also ensuring that the new MnPASS operating system is configured to add interoperability. MnPASS is on track to become interoperable in the not too distant future.