Minnesota Department of Transportation

MnPASS replaces Telematics Transponders with new tags

Throughout the next 11 months, MnPASS is replacing all of the Telematics Transponders with a free, new MnPASS Switchable Tag. The Telematics Transponders will be phased out to ensure the new tags are distributed efficiently.


New account management system

MnPASS has transitioned to a new account management system that requires existing customers to register their account with the new system. If you have not created a username and password for the new system, please create it at Register Existing Account.


MnPASS - A fast, safe and reliable commute

If you drive alone and want a convenient and predictable travel option, why not open a MnPASS account and start using MnPASS Express Lanes? These lanes help maintain traffic flow, reduce congestion and give drivers a safe, reliable commute when they pay an electronic fee. Learn how MnPASS Express Lanes improve the efficiency and the financial effectiveness of the region’s highway and transit system (PDF).