Minnesota Department of Transportation

How MnPASS works

MnPASS Express Lanes are designed for solo drivers to use by paying an electronic fee. Small, two-axle trucks weighing less than 26,000 pounds can also open an account and use the express lanes. Transit buses, carpools with two or more people and motorcycles can use the express lanes for free. See metro area express lane locations.



Electronic fees

A variable electronic fee is charged to people using MnPASS Express Lanes. As the express lanes become more congested, the fee to enter the lanes increases. This increase slows the number of cars entering the lane, increasing the speed of the vehicles already in the lane. If express lanes aren't tolled in this fashion, the lanes would not be an express option for motorists. See our frequently asked questions for extra guidance.


Overhead signs will read "OPEN" or "OPEN TO ALL TRAFFIC" when the lane is open to all motorists. Lanes are open to all motorists on weekends and during non-peak hours. The signs will show a price when fees are in effect. Fees are enforced Monday through Friday during peak travel times:


Motorists who intend to use the lanes when they are "OPEN or OPEN TO ALL TRAFFIC" must access the MnPASS lane at the dashed, double white lines. It is illegal for motorists to  cross solid, double white lines. Crossing solid, double white lines is punishable by the law.


The reversible section of the MnPASS system on I-394 which lies between Hwy 100 and I-94 is always tolled, and may have a special schedule based on events occurring downtown.


Driver in vehicle

Solo drivers use a MnPASS transponder while driving in express lanes