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Aggressive drivers

Dealing with aggressive drivers

Learn the characteristics of an aggressive driver and what to do if confronted by one.

You are an aggressive driver if you...

  • Ignore traffic signals
  • Speed and tailgate
  • Weave in and out of traffic
  • Make improper lane changes frequently and abruptly
  • Pass on the shoulder
  • Make hand and facial gestures
  • Scream, honk and flash lights

If confronted by an aggressive driver, you should...

  • Get out of their way as soon as you can safely
  • Stay calm — reaching your destination safely is your goal
  • Do not challenge them
  • Avoid eye contact
  • Ignore gestures and don’t return them
  • Always buckle up to maintain proper seating position in case of abrupt driving maneuvers
  • Report aggressive driving (vehicle description, license number, location)
    • Find a safe place to call 911
    • Be prepared to provide location, vehicle description and license plate number
    • Report unsafe driving online when you get to your destination