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Procurement guidance

The purpose of this guidance is to provide grantees with the resources and requirements needed in procurements for services or supplies, or where State or FTA-funded facilities or assets are used in revenue contracts.  The MnDOT Office of Transit and Active Transportation (OTAT) provides the same level of guidance and requirements for all procurements, regardless if granted with federal or state funds.

The MnDOT OTAT, as a State recipient of federal and state grant funds, is responsible for ensuring that sub-recipients and/or grantees are aware of and comply with procurement requirements.  All procurement transactions must be conducted in a manner that provides full and open competition.  

Procurement processes will vary based on the type and amount of the supply, equipment, product or service.   Each method for procurement is listed below, by clicking on the specific method sample documents are provided to complete your procurement.  Prior to solicitation and contract signatures, sub-recipients and/or grantees must provide their completed documents for MnDOT OTAT review and Notice to Proceed.  It is the responsibility of all sub-recipients and/or grantees to plan in advance of procurements to allow necessary time in review, DBE goal setting and approvals.

OTAT Procurement Policy Manual (Word)       

This procurement checklist (Word) is meant to assist transit system personnel in determining that all steps are taken to fully complete a procurement, whether it is for a one-time purchase or for on-going operations, supplies, and/or services.

  • Micro purchase - Acquisition of supplies, services and construction in amounts of $10,000 or less.
  • Small purchase - Acquisition of supplies, services, and construction in amounts ranging from $10,000 to $250,000.  NOTE: while this is an informal method, conducting formal solicitations may be completed within this threshold.
  • Invitation for bid - Sealed bidding in which bids are publicly solicited and a firm fixed price contract is awarded to the responsible bidder.
  • Request for proposals - Competitive proposals when the nature of the procurement does not lend itself to sealed bidding and the recipient expects that more than one source will be willing and able to submit an offer or proposal.
  • Other than full and open competition - Under certain circumstances, a recipient may conduct procurement without providing for full and open competition.