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Real time traffic data, traffic cameras and incident information to help you plan your travels. Please visit 511mn.org for statewide traveler information.

Current Incidents
Camera Description Location Impact Time
C013 Stall on Mainline I-35E SB @ I-35E CD SB Unconfirmed Impact Sun @ 05:13
D6-C102 Roadwork on Mainline I-35 SB S of C.S.A.H.1 Left lane blocked Wed @ 16:51
C9454 Stall on Mainline I-94 WB Unconfirmed Impact Sun @ 04:51
C123 Roadwork on Mainline T.H.62 EB @ I-494 NB Left lane blocked Mon @ 07:10
C424 Roadwork on Mainline I-494 WB @ T.H.100 NB Road closed Sat @ 12:27
C105 Roadwork on Mainline T.H.55 EB @ Federal Bldg Road closed Sat @ 11:13
C427 Roadwork on Mainline I-494 EB @ U.S.169 SB Road closed Sat @ 12:27
C111 Roadwork on Mainline T.H.62 EB Road closed Sat @ 11:04
C123 Roadwork on Exit I-494 EB @ T.H.62 Left lane blocked Mon @ 07:09
C121 Roadwork on Mainline T.H.62 WB @ Shady Oak Rd Left lane blocked Mon @ 18:40
D6-C114 Roadwork on Mainline I-35 NB @ T.H.60 Right lane blocked Wed @ 10:15

Updated: Sun Jul 22 05:38