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St. Croix Crossing

Connecting Oak Park Heights, Minn. and St. Joseph, Wis.

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The St. Croix Crossing bridge is now open

The St. Croix Crossing connecting Oak Park Heights, Minnesota, and St. Joseph, Wisconsin opened to traffic on August 2, 2017. Below is a summary of remaining bridge construction through November 2017.


Minnesota construction will continue from August 2017 through November 2017. Work includes:

  • Finishing bridge painting – anticipated completion by late August
  • Finishing removal of construction staging areas and restoration of wetlands under the bridge on the Minnesota side – anticipated completion by November
  • Finishing electrical wiring inside the bridge – anticipated completion by late August
  • Installing lighting on the river piers – anticipated completion by late September
  • Removing access road and dockwall south of the bridge and restoring wetlands – anticipated completion by November
  • Removing sheet pile wall under the bridge at the Wisconsin bluff – anticipated completion by mid-August
  • Landscaping east of Hwy 95, including tree planting and grass seeding – anticipated completion by late September


Wisconsin construction will continue from September 2017 through November 2017. Work includes:

  • Removing the east and west crossovers on Highways 35/64
  • Removing the temporary access and turn lane to Andersen Scout Camp Rd. from Highways 35/64
  • Replacing guardrail under the 150th Ave. structure on Highways 35/64 near the east crossover
  • Constructing Kriesel Farm Rd. (formerly Frontage Rd. A) which connects Old Highways 35/64 in Houlton to Andersen Scout Camp Rd.
  • Constructing a maintenance crossover between eastbound and westbound Highways 35/64
  • Extending Hawk St. South to the snow storage area
  • Grading and placing base aggregate in the park & ride lot near Hawk St. South and Hwy 35
  • Building the Loop Trail access from the park & ride lot to the existing trail south of the pedestrian tunnel

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