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Request for proposals for the replacement of a routine local bridge

By: Dave Conkel, State Aid Bridge Engineer

We placed an interactive template Request for Proposal (RFP) for routine local bridges on the Bridge State Aid Website. The template RFP was vetted through the County Engineers Bridge Committee and incorporates successful sample local RFP scope and proposal items and feedback from our local bridge consultants and local bridge owners. The template includes both standard and custom scope items for engineering services and information provided by the local bridge owner. The template RFP was developed using a checked box format with background logic to keep the logistics between engineering scoping items and local bridge owner scope and information items coordinated and synced together.

The template RFP was beta tested by several County Engineer Bridge Committee team members, but it’s usage overtime will only help us make further refinements and improvements. The template includes, important project schedule items such as engineering services due date, preliminary design completion due date, and State Aid approved final bridge plans due date. It also details items to include with: the proposal which includes the consultant’s narrative on the project approach, project team, bridge alternatives and costs, consultant design estimate and costs. The template is a Word document which allows local bridge owners to incorporate their agency logo, agency information, and agency project manager name and contact information.

Special thanks goes out to the many local bridge consultants and county engineers who helped mold this RFP document to make it workable and useful for routine local bridge projects.

For more information about the template RFP for routine local bridges, please visit the Bridge State Aid or contact Dave Conkel at dave.conkel@state.mn.us or 651-238-6161, or Moises Dimaculangan at moises.dimaculangan@state.mn.us or 651-366-4522.