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MnDOT TPDP replaces HPDP website

By: Sulmaan Khan, Project Development Engineer

MnDOT recently launched the Transportation Project Development Process (TPDP) website, which provides guidance on all aspects of MnDOT project development. TPDP replaces the Highway Project Development Process (HPDP) website. TPDP’s primary audience is MnDOT although the site does have information that could be useful for locals.

The Environmental Review webpage on the TPDP site is one area that locals can refer to for information on specific environmentally related subject areas. For example, there are documents that provide information on various federal environmental laws such as Section 4f, threatened and endangered species (Section 7), historic properties (Section 106), etc. These can be useful for those looking for a refresher on the purpose and background of various environmental laws or for training staff on environmental laws that fall under NEPA for federally funded projects. Guidance on determining whether a federal project is a programmatic categorical exclusion (PCE), and should use the c or d list short forms, or non-PCE, and should use the long form, can also be found in the PCE Guidance (PDF) or PCE Flowchart (PDF).

A note to keep in mind while using the TPDP site is that the templates and procedures outlined on the site are intended more for MnDOT projects so it is always best to reach out to SALT staff for guidance or assistance with developing a local federally funded project. Environmental documentation templates and processes for State Aid projects can be found on the SALT Environmental webpage.

Give the new site a try and let the site developers know what you think! Feedback can be provided by going to the dark blue Contacts tab that appears at the top of every TPDP page. Below is some information on TPDP’s new features and content. If you have any questions related to State Aid’s environmental process and procedures and how it relates to MnDOT’s TPDP site, please reach out to Sulmaan Khan at sulmaan.khan@state.mn.us or 651-366-3819.

TPDP new features and enhanced content

  1. Project lifecycle graphic. The centerpiece of the TPDP front page is a clickable graphic showing the major phases of the project development process, within the overall lifecycle of a project.
  2. Organization. Subject guidance can be browsed by the phase in which the subject occurs in the project development process.
  3. Navigation. There are three ways to navigate: the clickable graphic, the lists of all guidance, and the site-specific Google search. At the top of each subject guidance page, there are links to navigate back to the phase in which that activity starts.
  4. New subjects. TPDP includes more complete guidance for all subjects in the project development process.
  5. Descriptions of functional group roles and expectations. The Coordination tab provides links to descriptions of the MnDOT Central Office functional groups and external partners.
  6. Maintenance plan. The TPDP team will follow a site maintenance plan to ensure TPDP remains a reliable source for up-to-date info in the months and years ahead.