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E-Scene February 2022

MnCMAT2 update

By: Loren Hill, Program Support Engineer

The January 2021 update is much more than the typical quarterly update. Enhancements include:

1. The entire Crash database has been reloaded. This includes the deletion of year 2011 and adding the last quarter of 2021. In addition, this captured RouteID and Measure changes done in this past year.
2. Added Crash Date Range to the main page.

Displaying date range in MnCMAT2 application. Range 01/01/2011 - 09/30/2021

3. Hole in the Wall (HITW) crashes – all Fatal and A Severity crashes which can be located to a RouteID (well over 95 percent) have been moved to their correct location.

Screenshot of spreadsheet displaying hole in the wall crashes, from 2012-2021

4. The crashes have been ‘snapped’ from the exact location where the officer clicked to the RouteID (see example in 5. below).
5. Intersection Shape – the old “Blobs” which selected crashes spatially have been replaced by polygons which select crashes based on Route-ID and Measure. The length of the legs is a function of the intersection and turn lanes. Also, intersection volumes have been updated.

Old vs. new intersection shape

6. Cross Tab Export – there is a new Report which allows users to create two-dimensional tables. See example below for a table of Crash Severity by Year.

Crash tab export feature

7. Zoom extent – users can zoom out much farther now and still have Intersections and Segments show up. See the example below for Rock County – the entire county can be displayed. The zoom extent will vary by the density of the segments or intersections – in the Metro area you will need to zoom in farther.

Map with zoom feature

8. Status and Status Note – this will identify if a crash is NonReportable, and if so, why it is NonReportable.

Status note

9. Officer Agency and Officer Type – this will identify the Agency and Officer Type of the officer who entered the crash report.

Officer agency

10. Street Names, ADT’s and the Base Map – have all been updated.


There have been significant improvements in the data quality along with additional enhancements. If there are any questions or comments please contact Loren Hill at loren.hill@state.mn.us.