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E-Scene January 2022

Cultural resources and threatened and endangered species review requests

By: Sulmaan Khan, Project Development Engineer

All federally funded projects must have a determination letter for cultural resources and federal threatened and endangered species prior to NEPA environmental documentation approval. In order to process the review requests in a timely manner, requests should be submitted two field seasons (April to November) before the letting date of the project. For example, if your project letting date is May 2024, review requests should be submitted by May 2022. This will allow sufficient time for requesting and performing surveys or field work necessary to comply with federal regulations. The review request form for State Aid projects can be found on the State Aid Environmental Forms webpage, under “Required Reports.” If you have any questions or need assistance with environmental related documentation or processes, please reach out to the SALT Environmental group by emailing SaltEnvironmental.dot@state.mn.us.