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Projects completed in 2022

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Hwys 1–9

Hwy 1 — Itasca County reclamation

Pavement reclamation, culvert work, and safety improvements east of Effie from Deer Lake to east junction of Hwy 65

Hwys 1, 53 and 73 — Itasca and St. Louis counties

Resurface Hwy 1 from Hwy 65 to Hwy 53 and on Hwy 73 from Hwy 1 to Hwy 53 and intersection improvement at County Road 115/Ashawa Road north junction Hwy 1 in Itasca and St. Louis counties.

Hwy 2 — Itasca

Repave 19 miles of Hwy 2 from Prairie River to two miles east of Hwy 65

Hwy 3 — Empire Township to Farmington

Constructed a roundabout at the intersection of Hwy 3 and County Road 66 and added a trail

Hwy 4 — Cosmos

Resurfacing from the north side of Cosmos to south of County Road 23.

Hwy 6 — Remer

Reconstruct or resurface Hwy 6 (Main St./Hwy 200) from the east and west intersections of Hwy 6 and Hwy 200, through Remer, Cass County.

Hwy 7 — Intersection study

Study of the intersection of Hwy 7 and County Road 15/24th Street in Montevideo

Hwy 7 — Minnetonka to Shorewood

Repaved Hwy 7 and made several other improvements.

Hwy 7 — Safety study

A safety study of Hwy 7 from just east of Hutchinson to County Road 9 in Lester Prairie.

Hwy 7 — St. Louis Park to Hollywood study

Conducted a traffic safety investigation on Hwy 7 from Hwy 100 in St. Louis Park to Carver Co. Rd. 33 in Hollywood to determine if the number and severity of crashes was abnormal, determined the primary factors for the crashes, and proposed short-, medium-, and long-term updates to improve the safety of the highway.

Hwy 9 — Mustinka River bridge replacement near Norcross

Replace bridge over the Mustinka River, north of Norcross

Hwys 10–19

Hwy 10 — Anoka and Ramsey study

Corridor study identified needs

Hwy 10 — Benton County

Install 10 miles of high-tension safety cable median barrier on Hwy 10 between Sauk Rapids and Royalton.

Hwy 10 — Detroit Lakes Frontage Road

Resurface Hwy 10 turn lanes and Morrow Avenue (frontage road)

Hwy 10 and I-94 — Mississippi River crossings feasibility analysis between Brooklyn Park and Elk River

Updated previously conducted studies, re-engaged the cities and counties, and understood the need increased river crossing capacity.

Hwy 10 — west of Sauk Rapids

Replace a box bridge under Hwy 10 three miles west of Sauk Rapids between the Benton Co. Rd. 33 interchange and 66th St. NE.

Hwy 12 — Delano to Independence study

Explored options to improve safety on Hwy 12 between Hennepin Co. Rd. 90 in Independence and Co. Line Rd. in Delano.

Hwy 12 — Orono to Independence

Improve safety and reduce crashes along Hwy 12, install a center concrete barrier, and construct a roundabout

Hwy 12 — Ortonville to Hwy 59

Resurface, widen shoulders, improve blowing/drifting snow traps, and replace box culverts.

Hwy 12 and Hwy 40 — Willmar Wye Rail Connector & Industrial Access Project

Realign Hwy 12 and reconstruct Hwy 40 to construct a new rail line on the west side of Willmar.

Hwy 13 — Eagan

Installed signals, constructed new pedestrian ramps, added new westbound right turn lane on Lone Oak Road and updated drainage in Eagan.

Hwy 13 — Spring Lake and Cedar Lake

Resurfaced and reconstructed road between Hwy 19 in Cedar Lake Township to Hwy 282 in Spring Lake Township and added left turn lanes.

Hwy 14 — Blue Earth County Road 56 in Eagle Lake

Construct a Restricted Crossing U-Turn (also referred to as an RCUT or J-Turn) at the intersection of Hwy 14/County Road 56 in Eagle Lake

Hwy 14 — East Rochester to west of Chester

Eastbound and westbound lanes of Hwy 14 will be resurfaced from the east side of Rochester to west of Chester.

Hwy 14 — Sanborn to Springfield

Resurface over 8 miles of Hwy 14 from the west side of the Sanborn Four Corners intersection to the eastern city limits of Springfield

Hwy 15 — Kimball

Reconstruct Hwy 15 from Willow Creek Park, south of the railroad tracks, to Hwy 55 in Kimball, Stearns County, includes pedestrian sidewalks and city utilities.

Hwy 15 — Madelia

Resurface the concrete for about seven miles of Hwy 15 from the north Hwy 15/Hwy 60 interchange to the Watonwan/Brown County line near Madelia

Hwy 19 — Cannon Falls repaving

Repaving, replacement of the traffic signal at the intersection of Hwy 19 and Hwy 20 along with ADA sidewalk improvements.

Hwy 19 — Lonsdale to Northfield study

Conducting a study of Hwy 19 to prepare for paving projects in 2026 and 2028.

Hwy 19 — Henderson

Extend the lowest point of Hwy 19 (east of Henderson) to offset impacts to the floodway when Hwy 93 is raised. This Hwy 19 work between the Minnesota River Bridge and railroad bridge will take place in 2022, in advance of Hwy 93 construction starting in 2023

Hwy 19 — Redwood Falls

Bridge repair and resurfacing

Hwys 20–29

Hwy 21 — Hwy 99 to Hwy 13

Resurface Hwy 21 from Hwy 99 to Hwy 13

Hwy 23 — Deer Creek Bridge

Replace Deer Creek Bridge on Hwy 23 just south of Pleasant Valley in Carlton County

Hwy 23 — Foley to Milaca

Resurface and improve 12.5 miles of road from Foley to Milaca, includes underground pipes/culverts, intersection turn lanes/access. Reconstruct one mile of road in Foley, includes storm sewer, pedestrian sidewalk/multi-use trail and new roundabout.

Hwy 23 — Fond du Lac

New road connection from Hwy 23 to Fourth Street in Fond du Lac

Hwy 27 — Osakis area

Reconstruct and improve Hwy 27 between I-94 in Douglas County and Hwy 71 in Todd County. The project will replace four bridges, reconstruct and widen the road and improve access. Project requires detour.

Hwy 29 — Glenwood overpass

Construct bridge over the railroad tracks just north of Glenwood, realign the intersection of Hwy 29 and Hwy 55

Hwys 30-39

Hwy 30 — Rushford

Hwy 30 will be reconstructed from the west side of Rushford to Hwy 43.

Hwy 33 – Cloquet RCUT

Construct a Restricted Crossing U-turn (RCUT) at the intersection of Hwy 33 and Gillette Road.

I-35 — Barnum overlay

Overlay on 6.2 miles of northbound I-35 near Barnum.

I-35E — Eagan

Replaced lighting between Diffley Road and Lone Oak Road

I-35E — Eagan

Updated signals and accessibility at Cliff Road to meet current standards.

I-35E and I-94 — St. Paul

Concrete pavement repaired/resurfaced between Western Avenue and Mounds Boulevard; and on I-35E between I-94 and University Avenue in St. Paul. Resurfaced ramps and frontage roads, bridge repaired, fixed drainage and repaired various sidewalks and ADA improvements

Hwy 36 — Little Canada to Stillwater

Road resurfacing and improvement project on Hwy 36 between Edgerton Street in Ramsey County and Greeley Street in Washington County.

Hwy 36 and County Hwy 15 — Manning Avenue Interchange

Locally led project to construct interchange at Manning Avenue (Washington County Hwy 15) and Hwy 36.

Hwy 37 — Iron Junction

Construct a roundabout at the intersection of Hwy 37 and Hwy 7 south of Iron Junction

Hwys 40-59

Hwy 43 — Repaving

Repave Hwy 43 from Hwy 44 near Mabel to Hwy 16 near Rushford in Fillmore County

Hwy 51 (Snelling Avenue) — Roseville to Arden Hills

Installed cable median barrier between County Road C and 1-694 and extended left turn lanes at Lydia Avenue W County Road C2 and County Road C.

Hwy 53 — Intersection improvements

Adding a southbound median left turn lane on Hwy 53 at P&H Road, widening the median crossover, and paving a portion of P&H Road.

Hwy 55 — Hastings to Inver Grove Heights study

The Hwy 55 Safety Audit was part of a multi-agency effort to improve safety along Hwy 55 between Hastings and Inver Grove Heights in Dakota County

Hwy 55 — Wendell to state border

Resurface, replace box culverts

Hwy 55 — Minneapolis to Inver Grove Heights

Updated and repaired pavement, added trail and redecked or repaired bridges in the project area.

Hwy 55 — Minneapolis

Removed/replaced pavement on Hwy 55 between Van White Memorial Blvd. and North Bryant Ave. in Minneapolis. Project work also included removal of the Bassett Creek tunnel and bridge repairs.

Hwy 55 — Rosemount

Constructed dedicated turn lanes at the intersection of Hwy 55 and Doyle Path in Rosemount

Hwy 55 and Hwy 59 — Elbow Lake to Barrett

Resurface, widen shoulders, replace culverts, turn lanes and access improvements, accessibility improvements in Barrett.

Hwys 60-79

Hwy 60 — Windom corridor study

Hwy 60 through the City of Windom is being studied to create a long-term vision for the corridor that incorporates community values, economic development, safety, and bicyclists and pedestrians

Hwy 60 — Bridge improvements

The bridge was painted and expansion joints were replaced.

Hwy 60 — Zumbro Falls

Hwy 60 improvements

Hwy 61 — Active warning system

Installation of an active warning system for Hwy 61

Hwy 61 — Hastings bridge resurfacing

Resurfaced bridge deck over the Mississippi River.

Hwy 61 — Wabasha to Minnesota City

Resurfacing southbound lanes, constructing a reduced conflict intersection at Hwy 42 and replacing approach panels on six bridges

Hwy 61/Hwy 316 roundabout

Constructing a roundabout at intersection, improving bicycle facilities, connections near Prairie Island Indian Community

Hwy 61/County Road 18 intersection safety

Constructing a reduced conflict intersection north of Red Wing

Hwy 65 — Mora

Reconstruct the Hwy 65 (Hwy 23) bridge over the Snake River south of Division Street in Mora, Kanabec County, includes new multi-use trail. Expect reduced speeds and narrow lanes with no shoulders through work zone.

Hwy 65 — Resurfacing project

Repave 42.59 miles of alternating sections of Highway 65 from the north junction of Highway 1 to 0.5 mile south of Highway 8 in Itasca County and Koochiching County.

Hwy 65 — Albert Lea Main Street

Repaving road, flood mitigation and ADA work

Hwy 68 — Minneota to Marshall

Shoulder widening and culvert replacement

Hwy 71 — Browerville

Replace Hwy 71 bridges over the Drayer Creek and Harris Creek in Browerville, Todd County.

Hwy 71 — Olivia

Resurfacing of Hwy 71 from Viking Drive to the intersection of Hwy 212 in Olivia

Hwy 75 — Graceville to Dumont

Resurface from north of Highway 28 near Graceville to County Road 11 near Dumont

Hwy 76 bridge repairs — Money Creek

Repairing two bridges over Money Creek, north of Houston.

Hwy 77/Cedar Avenue — Apple Valley to Richfield study

Evaluated the Hwy 77/Cedar Avenue corridor from 138th St. in Apple Valley to I-494 in Richfield.

Hwy 77 — Apple Valley

Replaced lighting at McAndrews Road and 127th Street

Hwy 77 — Bloomington to Minneapolis

Hwy 77 was resurfaced, improved drainage, improved accessibility and center media barrier was added.

Hwys 80-99

Hwy 86 — Lakefield

Reconstruct Hwy 86 through the City of Lakefield; upgrade wastewater and water systems

Hwy 87 — Frazee Complete Streets

Downtown Complete Streets reconstruction, resurface, utility replacement, ADA improvements and multi-use trail.

I-90 eastbound — High Forest resurfacing

Resurfacing approximately 8.6 miles of I-90 eastbound from 2.5 miles east of Mower Co. Rd. 1 to .9 miles east of Hwy 63 in Olmsted County

I-90 — Sherburn to Fairmont

Resurface fifteen miles of eastbound I-90 between Sherburn and Fairmont

I-90 — South Dakota to Beaver Creek

Four miles of I-90 from the South Dakota border to Beaver Creek will be resurfaced

I-94 — Maple Grove to Clearwater

Resurface road, replace/construct bridges, add lanes and improve access. Expect lane closures and roadwork in St. Michael and Monticello to Hasty, Wright County.

I-94 and I-394 — Minneapolis

Repaired bridge joints and resurfaced ramps connecting I-94 and I-394 to downtown Minneapolis.

I-94 and Hwy 10 — Mississippi River crossings feasibility analysis between Brooklyn Park and Elk River

Updated previously conducted studies, re-engaged the cities and counties, and understood the need increased river crossing capacity.

I-94 — St. Cloud

Resurface and make repairs to the I-94 bridges over the retired rail line west of the Hwy 23 interchange in southwest St. Cloud. Plan for one lane, each way through work zone.

I-94 — St. Paul

Construct or repair a noise wall and install landscaping between Prior Avenue and Fairview Avenue

I-94 — St. Paul standalone noise barrier

Constructed a new wood plank and concrete post noise barrier on eastbound I-94 between Fairview Avenue and Prior Avenue in St. Paul.

I-94 and I-35E — St. Paul

Concrete pavement repaired/resurfaced between Western Avenue and Mounds Boulevard; and on I-35E between I-94 and University Avenue in St. Paul. Resurfaced ramps and frontage roads, bridge repaired, fixed drainage and repaired various sidewalks and ADA improvements

I-94 parallel streets — St. Paul

ADA improvements and sidewalk and driveway repairs on streets along and parallel to I-94 and I-35E.

Hwys 100-199

Hwy 105 — Iowa Border to Austin

Hwy 105 will be resurfaced from the Iowa border to Turtle Creek in Austin.

Hwy 108 — I-94 to Pelican Rapids

Resurface from Interstate 94 and Ninth Street in Pelican Rapids

Hwy 123 — Sandstone

Resurfacing Hwy 123 from Hwy 23 to County Hwy 30, and realign Hwy 123 and Hwy 23 intersection

Hwy 156/Concord Street — St. Paul

Repaired and resurfaced nearly one mile of Hwy 156 between Hwy 52 and Annapolis Street in St. Paul. Work included new traffic signals at Concord St., ADA improvements and retaining wall repair.

Hwy 169 — Sand Creek Township and Jordan

Improvements to Hwy 169 in Sand Creek Township between 166th St. and Bluff Dr.

Hwy 169 — Chisholm corridor study

Studying corridor from Hwy 73 to Hwy 67

Hwy 169 — Blue Earth to Elmore

Resurface nine miles of Hwy 169 from Faribault County Road 52 (southern limits of Blue Earth) to the northern limits of Elmore

Hwy 169 — Mankato/North Mankato corridor study

A nine-mile corridor of Highway 169 through Mankato/North Mankato is being studied for safety, intersection modifications, traffic flow, pedestrian and bicyclist connections, and alternative roadway designs to develop a long-term vision for future improvements

Hwys 200-299

Hwy 210 and Hwy 73 — Cromwell

Drainage and safety improvements

Hwy 212 — Carver to Cologne

A 4-lane expansion from County State Aid Hwy 11 (where existing 4-lane ends) in Carver to County Road 36 in Cologne.

Hwy 212 — Glencoe

Construct two J-turns on Hwy 212 in the Glencoe area; ADA improvements to sidewalks, ramps and driveways

Hwy 263 — I-90 to Ceylon

Resurface Hwy 263 in preparation for a turnback of the highway to Martin County

Hwys 300-694

Hwy 316 — Hastings

Reconstructed Hwy 316 between the north junction of Hwy 61 and Michael Avenue

Hwy 336 — East of Moorhead

Resurface both directions

Business Hwy 371 — Barrows to Brainerd

Reconstruct the road, upgrade the signal and improve pedestrian access from Greenwood St. to Joseph St. in Brainerd; Resurface from 70th Ave. in Barrows to Greenwood St. Work requires detours.

I-394 and I-94 — Minneapolis

Repaired bridge joints and resurfaced ramps connecting I-94 and I-394 to downtown Minneapolis.

I-494 — Richfield

Built tunnel under I-494 at Knox Avenue for Orange line bus rapid transit.

I-494/Wakota Bridge — Newport and South St. Paul

Bridge resurfaced on I-494/Wakota Bridge between Newport in Washington County and South St. Paul in Dakota County.

I-535 – Blatnik Bridge maintenance

Maintenance project on the Blatnik Bridge between Duluth, Minn., and Superior, Wis.

I-694 — Non-motorized crossing study

Determine safety and mobility needs for bicyclists and pedestrians for the area

I-694 and Silver Lake Road — New Brighton

Installed new, upgraded signal system at the intersection of I-694 and Silver Lake Rd. Update sidewalks and crossings to meet ADA requirements.

ADA improvement project

Improvements to sidewalks, ramps and driveways to meet current ADA standards on multiple highways.

Metro Wide — Mendota, Minneapolis, Maplewood and Woodbury

Repaired concrete road surface on Hwy 62 from the west end of the Mendota Bridge to Hwy 5. On Hwy 55 from Hiawatha to I-94. On I-694 from Hwy 61 to Hwy 36 and on I-494 from Tamarack Road to Lake Road.

Rumble strip installation - Multiple locations

Installation of rumble strips will start in various locations across southeast Minnesota.

Thompson Hill Visitor Center — St. Louis County

Resurface entire rest area roadway and parking lots and replace all sidewalks and trails

Urban freight perspectives study — Metro district

The Urban Freight Perspectives study focused on enhancing freight mobility in MnDOT’s Metro District by improving communication with freight stakeholders and integrating freight considerations into the district’s project development process.