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Local Partnership Program - MnDOT District 6

Scoring criteria for the local partnership program in district 6. Out of 35 possible points, 10 points are based on the preservation of existing infrastructure, 8 points are based on general considerations, 7 points are based on safety, 5 points are based on mobility, and 5 points are based on community development.

The Local Partnership Program (formerly known as Municipal Agreements or Cooperative Agreements) funds locally identified improvements to state highways, particularly locations where the local transportation network intersects with the state system.

Within each district, cities and counties apply for funding.

MnDOT’s State Aid Division is currently revising the project selection criteria for the Local Partnership Program.

What’s been selected?

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How the projects scored

Last updated December 2019

Score Applicant Route Description Amount Requested Amount Awarded Year Comments
23 City of Northfield MN 246 Build roundabout at intersection with Jefferson Pkwy $483,480 $483,480 2020  
12 City of Plainview MN 42 Remove on the legs of the 5-legged intersection with County Highways 4 and 27 and improve geometry of the intersection $300,000 $300,000 2021  
12 City of Reads Landing US 61 Access control and close south intersection with County Road 77. Construct frontage roads and realign County Road 77. $335,395 $0 Not selected Incomplete project scope. Not consistent with MnDOT’s corridor study.