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Special Provisions

Public Interest Findings

Public Interest Findings (PIFs) document that a deviation from regulatory requirements is in the public interest. Templates are available for the various types of PIFs.

State or Local Agency Furnished Materials

PIFs are required if the State or Local Agency furnishes material, equipment or products (items) for construction projects.

The NEPA process and documentation must be completed prior to the PIF request or purchase of items furnished by the State or Local Agency.

If federal reimbursement is desired for state furnished items, a separate memo requesting reimbursement for those items must be submitted at the same time as the PIF request.

State Furnished Material(s) procured by Department of Administration (Word)

FHWA approved state-wide PIFs are on file for many State furnished materials procured by Department of Administration. These state-wide PIFs provide procurement process information, required material information, application, justification, NEPA documentation, and product documentation for multiple products to be furnished to the contractor for use on construction projects. The appropriate state-wide PIF must be included by reference to the project specific PIF request documenting the items that will be used on the project.

Note: State furnished materials may also be procured by Electrical Services Section, Districts or Specialty Office. The appropriate procurement department should be noted in the PIF request letter.

State Furnished Material(s) procured by Previous Competitive Contract (Word)

A project specific PIF is required for State furnished items procured by a previous competitive contract.

Work completed via MnDOT’s Pre-qualification Program (Word)

A project specific PIF is required for work completed under a separate contract using MnDOT’s Pre-qualification Program.

Local Agency Furnished Material(s) (Word)

A project specific PIF is required for Local Agency furnished items.

Patented and Proprietary (Word)

Central Office and FHWA approval of PIFs for patented and proprietary items is no longer required. However, to comply with federal regulation requirements, the District will retain documentation of compliance with the following regulations for all patented and proprietary materials and products until the projects are closed out.

The Buy America regulation must be met for all projects regardless of the current project funding because Federal Funds may have been used in the past or will be used in the future on the project corridor.

Right-of-way PIFs

Right-of-way PIFs are processed by the Office of Land Management.

If a Right-of-way PIF is required for a project, note it in the submittal memo and include Special Provision (1718) Furnishing Right Of Way in the Division S submitted by the District.