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Highway Project Development Process (HPDP)

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HPDP Revamp Project

The Highway Project Development Process website, referred to as the HPDP, has been around in various formats for several decades. It acts as the official manual for some areas and is the place where project managers, environmental document writers and other users can go to find guidance directly from the subject matter experts within MnDOT. The HPDP has always been an important resource for guidance on project development, but as it has grown in subject areas over the years, its format has become cumbersome and outdated.

The HPDP Revamp Project is a joint effort of the Office of Project Management and Technical Support and the Office of Environmental Stewardship to understand the needs of HPDP users and overhaul the website. The team collected in-depth feedback on the functionality and relevance of the current guidance content and format through surveys and interviews. Utilizing this data, the team has identified and is proceeding with the goals listed below. Additionally, results from the Project Development Process Mapping Workshop, which occurred in September of 2018, will assist the team in creating navigation tools for the new HPDP website.

  • Convert all guidance documents from PDF to HTML (website)
  • Add guidance for Final Design
  • Reorganize content by project stage
    • Environmental Process
    • Scoping
    • Preliminary Design
    • Final Design
  • Develop visual training content and navigation tools

  • HTML format locates broken links more efficiently
  • Adding a Final Design section fills a gap in the project development process
  • Reorganizing content will make navigation easier for users, and allow for more interactive content
  • Visual elements will encourage self-training and improved navigation tools will assist users in identifying milestones relevant to their project

The HPDP Revamp Project team plans to launch the new website in 2021.