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April 27, 2017

MnDOT creates fly-through video to share Hwy 22 Victory Drive Memorial proposal

MANKATO, Minn. – The proposed landscaping concept for the Highway 22 Victory Drive Memorial is now available in a fly-through video for public review and final comment before the Minnesota Department of Transportation moves into the final design phase.

The public is encouraged to visit mndot.gov/d7/projects/hwy22mapleton/victorydrive.html  to view the video and complete the survey.

The proposed landscape design was presented in draft form at the Highway 22 construction open house in Mapleton on March 21 and then, again, following an observance at the start of construction on March 27. 

MnDOT continues to work closely with its partners, the city of Mapleton and the Mapleton VFW as they were instrumental in the Victory Drive Memorial since it began in the 1940s.

Many of the trees lining the corridor that were planted as a memorial to area veterans have been removed for highway construction.  The contractor, Mathiowetz Construction, has provided selected trees to the city of Mapleton and Blue Earth County Historical Society to create lasting memorial pieces from the salvaged wood.

“I am truly happy with the approach we have taken on this project to engage the public, landowners, stakeholders, and the media in such a sensitive and important memorial for our veterans,” said Robert Jones, MnDOT project manager and veteran.

The corridor continues to be evaluated following tree removals for adjustments to the landscape plans and contact will be made with the adjacent landowners as the plans move into final design.

MnDOT has been reaching out to the public, historians and veterans to come up with a plan to reestablish the memorial.  Interests have varied from “leave all the trees alone” to “take all the trees down” with various perspectives between. No one clear concept had consensus, but there were pieces of each concept that had strong support that were carried forward into the proposed preliminary plan.

The proposed landscape plan incorporates five different design styles along the route meant to provide a series of experiences that fit appropriately with the surrounding landscape. 

The design styles range from sections of denser plantings to contrasting open vistas. 

Some areas are shown with intentional patterns that play off of the original planting designs and then there are areas where trial sections of pollinator friendly native flowers and grasses will be incorporated.

Anyone with an interest can contact project manager Robert Jones at 507-304-6198 or robert.jones@state.mn.us