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March 15, 2023

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Rejuvenation work begins Monday at living snow fence site on Hwy 14

WILLMAR, Minn. – Work to rejuvenate a living snow fence site on Highway 14, just east of Lake Benton, begins Monday, March 20. The rejuvenation project includes pruning healthy vegetation and removing volunteer trees and shrubs. Work is done at this time of the year to better conserve Minnesota’s bat and bird diversity.

Crews will be working in the right of way and traffic will not be impacted; however, drivers should watch for workers and slow-moving equipment entering and exiting the roadway.

A living snow fence can include trees, shrubs, native grasses and/or wildflowers to trap snow as it blows across fields, piling it up before it reaches a bridge or roadway. “A living snow fence is more than landscaping and highway beautification, it serves a purpose,” said Dan Gullickson, blowing snow control shared services program supervisor. “We use nature to control blowing snow and rejuvenating living snow fence sites will safeguard the health and vitality of the plantings.”

Living snow fences bring multiple benefits to a roadside, including the capacity to:

  • Prevent big snow drifts and icy roads
  • Improve driver visibility
  • Control soil erosion and reduce spring flooding
  • Lessen environmental impact with less salt use, fewer truck trips and less fuel consumption

Tree trimming and removals will be completed by March 31. The project cost is $9,975, and Carr’s Tree Service is the contractor.
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