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Sept. 6, 2022

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Hwy 43 traffic changes in Winona go into effect Sept. 7 restricting left-turns in work zone

Hwy 43 business access maps
Hwy 43 business access maps

WINONA, Minn. – Highway 43 motorists in Winona will encounter traffic changes Wednesday (Sept. 7) evening as work on the Hwy 43 Winona project switches to the east side of Mankato Avenue and restricts left turns directly from the road between Bruski Drive and Frontenac Drive, according to the Minnesota Department of Transportation.

Both lanes of the Hwy 61 are open at the new roundabout with Highway 43 in Winona. Motorists should be alert to signs showing the correct lane to enter the roundabout to guide them to their destination.

Traffic will be moved to the new pavement on the west side of Hwy 43/Mankato Avenue (Winona Health side), so crews can begin building the other half of the road and roundabouts. Motorists will not be able to make left turns when driving on Hwy 43/Mankato Ave. beginning Wednesday evening, Sept. 7. To reach a destination on your left, follow these directions. A map is also posted on the project website outlining the routes, as well.

  • If you are going southbound and you want to go east onto Bruski, Riverbend, and Frontenac, you will have to go south to the Hwy 61/43 roundabout and come back north and turn right onto your desired street.
  • If you are going northbound and you want to go west onto S. Parks, Riverbend, or N. Parks, you will have to take a right turn at one of the intersections going east, go around the block, and travel west straight across Mankato Ave.

This will likely last through October.

This is part of the reconstruction of Highway 43 between Sugar Loaf View and Belleview Street. Additionally, city utilities will be updated under the road. The project includes adding roundabouts at Highway 61, Riverbend Road, Frontenac Drive and Sarnia Street. Construction is scheduled to run through early November.

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