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Aug. 10, 2022

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MnDOT invites public comment on Region 7W Local Human Services-Transit Coordination Plan

ST. CLOUD, Minn. – The Minnesota Department of Transportation is seeking public comments on the Region 7W Local Human Services Transit Coordination Plan. The plan identifies strategies and potential projects to coordinate transit services for elderly, disabled and low-income people. The plan covers Region 7W in central Minnesota, which includes the counties of Benton, Sherburne, Stearns and Wright.

The Local Human ServiceTransit Coordination Plan, or LCP, is available for public review and comment through Sept. 15, 2022. Comments can be sent to Tom Cruikshank, District 3 Transportation Planner, directly online where the plan is posted or at Thomas.Cruikshank@state.mn.us.

Federal transit law requires that the LCP aims to improve transportation services for persons with disabilities and older adults, ensuring that communities are coordinating resources provided through multiple federal programs.

The federal regulations, as amended by MAP-21 and FAST Act, require that projects selected for funding under the Enhanced Mobility of Seniors and Individuals with Disabilities – Section 5310 Program – be "included in a locally-developed, coordinated public transit-human services transportation plan" and that the plan be "developed and approved through a process that included participation by seniors, individuals with disabilities, representatives of public, private, and nonprofit transportation and human services providers and other members of the public."

Plan elements
Local Human Service Public Transit Coordination Plans are updated every five years and must include the following:

  • An assessment of available services that identifies current transportation providers (public, private and nonprofit)
  • An assessment of transportation needs for individuals with disabilities, older adults and people with low incomes
  • Strategies, activities and/or projects to address the identified gaps between current services and needs, as well as opportunities to improve efficiencies in service delivery
  • Priorities for implementation based on resources (from multiple program sources), time and feasibility for implementing specific strategies and/or activities identified

MnDOT invites and encourages participation by all people in their programs, services and activities.  

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