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2020 Golden Snow Boot Contest Winners Announced

Image shows two hands holding the Golden Snow Boot award: a gold snow boot with a plaque highlighting Oak Ridge Elementary School.

Thank you everyone for your efforts to make Minnesota’s 2020 Winter Walk (and Bike) to School Day a success! We had over 50¬†schools registered from around the state, and many of you submitted photos and stories for the Minnesota Safe Routes to School Golden Snow Boot Contest.

Your submissions have been reviewed and we’ve selected a winner. Take a look at the winning photo and some of our other favorites below.




2020 Golden Snow Boot Contest Winners

Winning Photo


Oak Ridge Elementary School, Eagan; submitted by Amy Kupinski and Karla Bisco

Image of a group of about 15 students wearing winter gear and smiling on a sunny winter day with snow on the ground and woods in the background. A teacher in the back of the group holds hands with a student.

"Oak Ridge’s second Winter Walk Day was beautiful! Our whole school (all 550+ students and their teachers) went out for a walk in the woods and prairie adjacent to our school.  It was great to get out and enjoy the sunshine and temps in the 20s. We heard our boots
crunching in the snow mixed with students’ happy chatter. Occasionally, classes decided to get quiet and listen to the birds chirping all around us. Everyone enjoyed the fresh air, exercise, and a break from the hard work we do in the classroom!"

Runner Up


Great River School, St. Paul; submitted by Karen Solas and Susan Sochacki

Image of a group of about thirty students and adults smiling and raising their arms in celebration. They are outdoors on a sidewalk, wearing winter gear.

"More than 50 students and parents at Great River School in Saint Paul participated in national Winter Walk To School Day on Wednesday, February 5th. Great River School faces challenges from being bounded by high-traffic county roads to the north and south. But our school community is determined to increase the numbers of kids walking and biking to school, and cold temperatures did not deter us at all! To help address safety concerns, parent volunteers assisted students coming from the south of school with crossing Pierce Butler Road, including making sure to activate the flashing beacon at the crosswalk. Students who come to school from the northeast face not only high traffic, but many intersections and driveways into residences, businesses, and schools. To ensure the safety of these students and also raise awareness of pedestrians in this busy area, parent volunteers led a walking school bus, safely helping the group cross 6 driveways and intersections along Energy Park Drive. About 35 students and parents were part of the walking school bus (and of those, the breakdown was about 30 kids, 5 parents). We were thrilled with participation and are hoping more families will be inspired to continue walking as part of our Walking Wednesdays program!"

Other Photos We Loved

Image of a group of about 20 children and teenagers wearing winter gear, walking up the steps to school.

Clockwise, from left, Jefferson Elementary, Rice County; Gage Elementary, Rochester; Ada-Borup Elementary

Image from behind a group of about 20 children and adults walking on a path on a snowy day.

Image shows two children and one adult bundled up in winter gear standing in front of a school. The children are holding signs that say "Hike it. Bike it. I like it!"

















2019 Golden Snowboot Contest Winner

Congdon Park Elementary, Duluth, MNImage shows three children wearing winter gear walking and talking on a snowy path. Text says "2019 Golden Snow Boot Winnter: Congdon Park Elementary"


Congratulations to everyone on successful Winter Walk (and Bike) to School Day events, and a great photo contest!