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While we won’t be able to get together in person for large-scale events like ‘Bike to School Day’ this spring, we hope individual students and families will get outside on a walk or bike ride when possible. To that end, we are taking another run this spring at Bike to Anywhere Day--May 5!

That’s right, this year we want you to choose your own adventure to celebrate biking and fill in that blank! We encourage you to participate in as many elements of this promotional activity as you are able, and share your results with us by posting on our Facebook page using the hashtag #MNBikeDay or send us a note at


To our school staff teaching P.E. and other subjects—you can add these activities and resources to your distance learning curriculum!  We understand the mixed messaging of screen time and physical activity, so assign students time to bike or walk or learn traffic safety by exploring their neighborhood's built environment. Use the poster contest, mileage tracker, bike bingo card, crossword, and word search for your health and physical education classes to promote this lifelong activity.

To our parents – get your kids outside and use the mileage tracker or bike bingo card to keep kids focused and motivated. And when those pesky ‘April showers’ keep you inside, consider the poster contest, word search, or crossword.

Bike Ride

For Bike to Anywhere Day, choose a destination and bike there solo or with members of your household. Right now would be a great time to find a route to a destination you visit frequently (like school) and practice riding there. Sometimes you have to try different routes to find the most comfortable and safe ride, so pick a new destination each week and when those businesses or places open up you will know exactly how to bike there. Be sure to maintain six feet of distance from people who are outside your household and practice other basic safety precautions like stopping at stop signs, signaling turns and wearing a helmet. If you are willing to share a photo, email it to us or post it on our Facebook page using the hashtag #MNBikeDay.

Poster Contest

If your child or your students are home from school, why not engage them in this art opportunity? K-12 students can participate by designing a poster (8.5 x 11” paper is fine!) showing how riding a bicycle makes them feel. Learn more by reading our Poster Contest Guidelines.

We’ve even got the lesson plans online (K-3) and (4-8) for your use!

Submit a scan or take a photo of your poster and submit it by May 19, 2021 to

Bike to Anywhere Day Activities to Download

Bike Ride Bingo

As you bike around your neighborhood over the next month, how many of these boxes can you check off? See if you can get five in a row or fill out the whole card! Post your photos and results to our Facebook page.

Mileage Tracker

Track how many miles you and your family ride together this month using our mileage tracker! See if you can get to 5 miles, 10, or even 50! Post your photos and results to our Facebook page.

Word Search and Crossword

Use your bike knowledge to complete this bike-themed word search and crossword!  This is a great activity when the weather keeps you inside but you’d rather be biking.

Scavenger Hunt

Go for a walk using our Scavenger Hunt and test out your skills from the Walk! Bike! Fun! curriculum. Search for traffic signs or items as you enjoy the outdoors and learn more about navigating on your own. Or brush up on walking and biking skills with training videos.

Bike to Anywhere Day Marketing Toolkit

Customize these tools to meet the specifications of the COVID-19 protocol in place at your school/district and to get the word out about your event.