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MnROAD Test Cells

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Containing over 50 test cells, MnROAD has a variety of different cell locations, such as driveways or parking lots, which study small scale experimental pavement designs or materials. Research participation on any of the MnROAD test cells is both welcomed and encouraged.

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Original Test Cell Numbering

Constructed from 1991 until 1994, the original test cells are referred to by their involvement in MnROAD's Phase I research. The test cells were sequentially numbered 1 through 46 with more cell additions added between 1997 through 2006. New cell additions during Phase I were either designated with a recycled previous number or assigned an available number below 99.

Construction 1990-2006

Phase II Test Cell Numbering (2007-Present)

Reconstruction of several cells during the 2007 construction season began transitioning MnROAD into Phase II research. Test cells in Phase II reuse former numbers if the new experimental design constructed maintains the original test cells physical parameters. Otherwise, the cells will be designated a three digit number with the last two digits featuring the former test cells number. For example, the original test cell 5 was reconstructed using an experimental design that divided the former cell into 4 new cells named cell 105, 205, 305, and 405 retaining the original number and physical placement as well as creating a new cell name designation.

Construction 2007-2013

Phase III NRRA Construction 2017

Construction 2017