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Highway 12 Corridor Safety Improvement

Orono, Maple Plain, Independence

Project complete

About this project

Hwy 12 safety improvements project location map
Hwy 12 safety improvements project location map.
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MnDOT, in conjunction with Hennepin County, constructed three projects aimed at improving safety and reducing crashes along Hwy 12.

On Hwy 12 from Co. Rd. 6 to Baker Park Rd. in Maple Plain, MnDOT reconstructed Hwy 12 to install a center concrete barrier. This will eliminate head-on crashes within this section of Hwy 12. MnDOT completed this project in September 2021.

At Hwy 12 and Co. Rd. 90 in Independence, MnDOT built a roundabout. The improvements include:

  • A reconfigured Co. Rd. 90 to better connect the lanes north and south of Hwy 12
  • Access for walkers and bicyclists crossing Hwy 12
  • Drainage ponds to protect the environment
  • Improved sightlines for motorists entering Hwy 12
  • 15-foot-wide raised concrete median
  • Wider road
  • Westbound roundabout designed to accommodate expansion

At Hwy 12 and Co. Rd. 92 in Independence, Hennepin County led a project in partnership with MnDOT to address the safety issues seen at this location. The project realigned Co. Rd. 92 with a bridge over Hwy 12 and the railroad tracks and constructed a roundabout on Hwy 12 for traffic entering and exiting Hwy 12 from Co. Rd 92.

Summary of work

  • Center concrete barrier on Hwy 12 between Co. Rd. 6 and Baker Park Rd.
  • Roundabout at Hwy 12 and Co. Rd. 90
  • Roundabout and bridge at Hwy 12 and Co. Rd. 92
  • Reduced crashes and improved safety within corridor