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I-35W North MnPASS

Roseville, Lino Lakes


I-35W connects greater Minnesota and the northern suburbs to downtown Minneapolis. As the population and development continues to grow in the northern suburbs, traffic volumes on I-35W between Hwy 36 in Roseville and Sunset Ave. in Lino Lakes have increased. With an average of 53,000 to 127,000 vehicles driving on the highway per day, congestion levels vary throughout the day.


After studying various strategies to reduce congestion on I-35W N it was determined a MnPASS lane in each direction between Co. Rd. C in Roseville and Lexington Ave. (Co. Rd. 17) in Blaine would provide the best long-term congestion relief on the highway.

MnPASS lanes are a solution for areas with high traffic volumes because they serve more people; provide reliable travel times during peak congestion; and increase transit and carpool use. The traffic analysis completed for this study area shows that the MnPASS alternative serves about 10% more people daily, provides free-flowing travel for 75% more people, and significantly improves travel times and trip reliability for transit riders and others using the MnPASS lanes.

To learn more about MnPASS, visit: www.mnpass.org.

Project benefits

  • Provide long-term, sustainable travel options for all motorists and transit
  • Reduce congestion and increase highway safety
  • Increase the number of people moved along the highway during peak hours
  • Provide reliable travel times for commuters during peak hours
  • Transit users will have a faster, more reliable trip with the addition of MnPASS Lanes
  • MnPASS lanes are free for motorcyclists and vehicles with two or more occupants, including children and infants
  • All motorists are able drive in the MnPASS lanes at no cost outside of peak travel times (nearly 90% of the time)
  • Solo motorists can choose to drive in the MnPASS lane and pay a fee or drive in general purpose lanes during peak-travel times