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Rural ITS Safety Solutions Systems (RITSS)

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Rural ITS Safety Solutions Systems (RITSS)

Project Description

The goal of this project is to develop low-cost, readily deployable, low maintenance systems that can be used by state and local government agencies to improve safety at low-volume curves and non-signalized rural intersections.

The Driver Behavior Evaluation System (DBES) represents an unobtrusive method to monitor driver behavior. Primarily, this system will record vehicle speed profiles on the approach to an intersection or curve.


The Stop Sign Warning System will provide active real-time supplemental warning to drivers approaching the stop sign at an intersection, to alert them of the approaching stop ahead and to be more aware.  This device equips a stop sign with a visual warning system such as LED flashers.  The sign will flash when vehicles fail to decelerate at a safe rate for a safe stop.

The Curve Warning System provides a programmable active warning based on the speed of the vehicle as it approaches the curve and provides a warning message to the driver to reduce speed if it is excessive.