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April 22, 2019

Minor adjustment made to warning system at Hwy 60 and County Road 1 near Mountain Lake beginning April 24

MnDOT makes adjustments at Mountain Lake intersection after request of community

MANKATO, Minn. – Motorists are advised that a slight modification to the Rural Intersection Conflict Warning System (RICWS) at Highway 60 and Cottonwood County Road 1 at Mountain Lake will be made effective Wednesday, April 24, weather permitting.  The modification consists of extending the flashing warning time by one second or resulting in a 15 percent increase in warning time for County Road 1 traffic.

The modest increase from 6.5 seconds to 7.5 seconds is to strike a balance between providing additional notification to for more cautious drivers while not providing so much time that other drivers begin to distrust the flashers and enter the intersection despite the system’s warning.

This is the second adjustment made to the intersection warning system at the request of local community members. Last fall the warning system’s signage was modified to help improve clarity of the system’s message.

MnDOT continues to engage the community of Mountain Lake on future revisions to improve the safety at the Highway 60 intersections that serve Mountain Lake.  As part of those interactions, the community asked that the length of the flashing warning time be reviewed while longer-term solutions are being considered.  MnDOT had installed the warning system with the Federal Highway Administration’s approval and needed clearance from them prior to making any changes in operation.

The warning system was deployed in November 2015 as an attempt to reduce the likelihood of crashes at the intersection and was funded by the federal government.  There are a number of RICWS systems in place on Minnesota highways, however only three have been deployed in southcentral Minnesota – in addition to the system at Mountain Lake, the other two are on Highway 15 near Klossner and Highway 14 near New Ulm.  More information on Rural Intersection Conflict Warning Systems can be found at http://www.dot.state.mn.us/trafficeng/signals/conflictwarning.html .

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