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Feb. 5, 2019

Hwy 74 in Whitewater Wildlife Management Area reopens after high water closure

WEAVER, Minn. (3 p.m.) – Highway 74 reopened to traffic on Tuesday afternoon after a motor grader scraped off the layer of ice that formed when the road flooded on Monday, according to the Minnesota Department of Transportation.

Water receded on the 7-mile gravel stretch of Highway 74 north of Elba from Beaver to Weaver, which allowed MnDOT crews to use a motor grader to scrape the ice off on Tuesday afternoon.

The stretch from Beaver (Winona County Road 30) to Weaver (Wabasha County Road 26) is MnDOT’s only gravel road and is within the Whitewater Wildlife Management Area north of Elba. Whitewater State Park is south of the area.

To see a video of the motor grader reopening Highway 74, go to MnDOT District 6 Twitter at https://twitter.com/mndotsoutheast/status/1092857079688241153.