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New freeway connection

Interstate 94 in Clearwater to Highway 10 in Clear Lake

Project study complete

Connect I-94 to Hwy 10 with a new freeway system

New Freeway Connection Layout

Preferred Alternative
Detailed layouts: Figure 3A (1,213k, pdf) Figure 3B (589k, pdf) Figure 3C (881k, pdf) Layout shown: map (25k, pdf)


MnDOT proposes upgrading the Hwy 24 interregional corridor connection to a new freeway system between I-94 in Clearwater and Hwy 10 in Clear Lake in Wright and Sherburne counties includes a new Mississippi River bridge.

Study history 1996 - 2007

The need was established in a 1996 transportation study; and a range of potential connections were evaluated between 1995 and 1996 in a Mississippi River Crossing Study. As a result, four potential corridors were recommended for further study and were eventually narrowed down to four specific alignments, which are documented in the 1997 and the 2001 Scoping Decision Document's.

In the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS), the scoping alignments were further refined with respect to interchange configurations and system connection issues. A number of alternatives were developed and evaluated, resulting in four identified build alternatives. In 2004, MnDOT announced the selection of 'Alternative C' as the preferred alternative, which best met the region's transportation needs while minimizing environmental, social, and economic impacts.

The preferred alternative is a freeway design with interchanges proposed at I-94 and Hwy 10, and a grade-separated rail crossing near Hwy 10. It will tie into I-94 about two miles southeast of the existing Hwy 24 interchange at Clearwater and continue on a new alignment across the river. The alignment would continue north at 70th St. to intersect with Hwy 10 one mile northwest of the existing Hwy 24/Hwy10 intersection in Clear Lake. An interchange is also proposed at the intersection of the preferred alternative with existing Hwy 24 to provide local access to the river crossing for Clearwater and Clear Lake area traffic.

In 2007, detailed layouts for the preferred alternative are complete. The Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) documents the revisions to the preferred alternative. The Record of Decision was completed by the Federal Highway Administration. The Adequacy Determination was completed by the MnDOT Office of Environmental Services. These 2007 report documents complete the environmental review process.

This project study is not programmed for construction and remains in study status.