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Marble-Pengilly Safety Improvements

Itasca County

Project Complete

Lighting will be connected by early November.

About this project

Marble-Pengilly project map
Marble-Pengilly project map. Click to enlarge.

Several locations along Hwy 169 have existing geometric conditions that do not meet current design standards. Sight distance along the corridor is poor and makes it difficult for drivers entering the corridor. Crash data throughout the corridor is relatively high. This project will improve the safety of the corridor by increasing sight distance and making geometric improvements to meet current design standards.

This project does not include paving Highway 169 but rather intersection improvements at:

  • CSAH 80 (west entrance to Marble) – replace eastbound bypass lane with left turn lane and lighting upgrades; some tree removal
  • Ball Street – remove minor road access and regrade slopes
  • CSAH 69 (Twin Lakes Road) – replace westbound bypass lane with left turn lane; add pedestrian refuge on north and south sides of TH 169; lighting upgrades; some tree removal
  • CSAH 80 (Ethel Street) – replace eastbound bypass lane with left turn lane and lighting upgrades; some tree removal
  • 9th Avenue in Calumet at Greenway Fire Hall – construct westbound bypass lane; extend eastbound right turn lane for fire hall
  • Gary Street and Morgan Street in Calumet – Add a sidewalk on south side of TH 169 and curb bumpouts at both intersections; ADA improvements
  • CR 590 – remove minor road access; replace guardrail and regrade area to improve sight distance around curve; tree removal
  • CSAH 83 – remove trees to improve sight distance; lighting upgrades
  • Side Road – remove minor road access; some tree removal
  • West Junction CR 561 – remove minor road access
  • East Junction CR 561 – realign minor road to remove intersection skew; tree removal

Virtual meeting

MnDOT and consultants LHB hosted a virtual meeting on Wednesday, May 6, 2020, to discuss the intersection safety improvements along Hwy 169. If you were unable to join the meeting, a recording is below. Read the Q&A responses (PDF)

Geometric layouts

Location 2

The geometric layout 1A for location 2.

Location 1

The geometric layout 1B for location 1.