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Hwy 53 resurfacing

In St. Louis County near Twig and Pike Lake

About this project

Map of Hwy 53 construction near Pike Lake

Hwy 53 map. Click to enlarge.

Traffic impacts

Southbound Hwy 53 traffic from just north of County Rd 8 to just north of Midway Rd will be crossed over to run head-to-head in two lane, two-way configuration on the northbound lanes. This crossed over traffic configuration will remain in place for much of the duration of the project now, with the project projected to run through September 17th.

  • The intersection at County Rd 7 (Industrial Rd) and Hwy 53 must remain closed for the duration of construction due to intersection geometry. ┬áLocal traffic west of Hwy 53 will need to access from the next nearest intersections.
  • For access to the MN State Veteran’s Cemetery, the left turn lane on northbound Hwy 53 needs to be closed for the duration of the project. To access the cemetery, traffic will be directed through the closed southbound Hwy 53 lanes from Caribou Lake Rd, and then to leave the cemetery, traffic will be directed again through the closed southbound lanes to exit the work zone at Solway Rd. Coming from Duluth, northbound Cemetery traffic will be directed to take Hwy 194 West to Caribou Lake Rd north up to where they can enter the work zone. Additional signage will be placed to help direct cemetery traffic as described.
  • In the crossed over configuration, the lane widths are 12’, with a work zone speed limit of 55 MPH. Minor delays are to be expected throughout the work zone during periods of heavier traffic.

Summary of work

  • Remove the in place concrete overlay and construct a new unbonded concrete overlay in the southbound lanes


Past Public Meeting

May 25, 2021