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Publications and Guides: Commercial Vehicle Operations


Commercial Vehicle Regulations for Competitive Events

A reference guide to determine if the commercial vehicle regulations apply to your transport vehicle for motor sports, horse shows, fishing tournaments, or other competitive events.

Driver qualifications

A motor carrier must keep a driver qualification file for each driver at its principal place of business for as long as the driver is employed by the carrier and for 3 years after the driver leaves the carrier's employment. For a sample copy of the driver qualifications file, please visit FMCSA’s A Motor Carrier's Guide to Improving Highway Safety. Or, you can purchase driver qualification files from 3rd party vendors.

Hazardous Materials Endorsement (HME) Guide

A guide to obtaining a hazardous material endorsement on your Commercial Drivers License (CDL). The USA Patriot Act requires all drivers who transport hazardous materials to undergo a security threat assessment.

International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) manual

A manual providing general information regarding the International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) program and explains the responsibilities as a participant of IFTA. The information published does not change or override any current statute, rule, regulation, or policy.

International Registration Plan (IRP) Manual

A reference guide providing guidance for registration applications involving apportioned vehicles; it is not intended as complete authority for filing and processing International Registration Plan (IRP) registration applications. The information published does not change or override any current statute, rule, regulation, or policy.

Maximum Gross Weight Table (by jurisdiction)

A table listing the maximum operating weight and maximum cab card weight in pounds for each jurisdiction.

Minnesota Commercial Truck & Passenger Regulations

A handy reference guide to help you in your travels across the state. This book was prepared for the professional driver and carrier who transports property, passengers, or hazardous materials on Minnesota highways.

Minnesota Truck Size and Weight Project

Learn about our efforts to evaluate existing state laws on truck size and weight in Minnesota.

Oversize/Overweight Superload Corridors 2013 (PDF, 1.63 MB)

For vehicles hauling oversize/overweight cargo loads, a map of superload corridors in Minnesota.

Truck Freight Tonnage 2013 (PDF, 3.77 MB)

A map of truck freight tonnage as of August 2013.

Vehicle Tax Tables

A matrix depicting the taxable amounts for various types of vehicles.