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Contract Management

Ensuring MnDOT contracts meet legal and policy requirements and effectively carry out strategic goals.
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Contract Management Section Role

The Contract Management Section serves two main purposes. First, we provide technical assistance to MnDOT project managers and others involved in contracting for services. Second, we provide oversight of all MnDOT contracts to assure that all contracts and contract processes comply with law and policy and promote and protect the public interest.


Types of Contracting Opportunities

MnDOT spends the majority of its money on highway construction projects. In addition, MnDOT hires contractors for building construction, renovation and demolition. Notices for contract lettings are published on MnDOT’s E-Plan Room located on MnDOT’s Bid Letting website.


MnDOT also spends a significant amount of money on consulting contracts to supplement MnDOT's own workforce and to procure expertise not available within MnDOT. While the majority of MnDOT consulting contracts are with engineering firms, MnDOT actually uses a wide range of consultants, including information technology professionals, real estate appraisers, human resource and organizational development professionals and many other disciplines. Most MnDOT engineering and right-of-way related consulting contract opportunities are advertised electronically on the Consultant Services Web site. Depending on the nature and size of the project, the notice may be published in the State Register which is available in print as well as on the internet through "Minnesota's Bookstore". Most non-engineering consultant contracts under $100,000 are publicized on the Department of Administrations Solicitation Announcements Web page.


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