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2023 construction season

Twin Cities metro area

State highway and bridge projects

Hwy 169 Belle Plaine & Blakeley Township Hwy 41 Chaska to Chanhassen Hwy 21 in Jordan Hwy 169 Hwy 212 in Cologne Hwy 101 Savage to 35W Burnsville I-494: Airport to Hwy 169 I-35W in Bloomington Hwy 52 Rosemount, Coates & Hampton Hwy 56 & CR 88 in Randolph Township Hwy 5 Minnehaha Ave & Stillwater Rd I-94 Oakdale to Lakeland I-94 St. Croix Rest Areas Hwy 95 Hwy 36 landscaping Hwy 65 Hwy 95 drainage repair I-94 Elm Creek rest area Hwy 65 bridge repair Hwy 169 & CR 9 bridge replacement Hwy 169 noise barrier Hwy 13 in Savage Storm water storage tank construction Hwy 36 in Roseville I-35W Landscaping Plymouth Ave Bridge Hwy 65/ThirdAvenue bridge Hwy 10 in Anoka Hwy 252 Brooklyn Center to Brooklyn Park Hwy 41 at Peavey Rd Roundabout I-494 bridge Hwy 55 Mendota bridge Hwy 36 and Hamline Ave Highway 55/ Hiawatha Avenue
Route (Hwy or Interstate) Description Begin Date End Date 2023 Construction Cost Website
Hwy 5 Close access points on Hwy 5 at Crimson Bay Rd in Chanhassen; construct new connection 2022 06/2023 $738,000 chanhassenmn.gov/government/projects/street-projects/crimson-bay-road-project
Hwy 5, Hwy 36 Resurface Hwy 5 from 0.3 miles east of Mendota St in St Paul to Hwy 120 (Century Ave) in Maplewood; repair/replace drainage, improve intersection pedestrian accessibility and safety improvements. Replace signals on Hwy 5 at Forest St, Earl St, Ruth St and Johnson Pkwy; improve accessibility (ADA) to meet modern standards, make safety upgrades. Build stormwater treatment ponds on Hwy 36 at Edgerton St and White Bear Ave interchanges 07/2023 2024 $10,935,000 mndot.gov/metro/projects/hwy5stpaul-maplewood
Hwy 10 Replace 4 bridges and repair 2 bridges on Hwy 10 from 0.25 miles east of Ferry St to bridge over BNSF railroad  in Anoka; reconstruct Hwy 47/169 interchange, noisewalls, construct auxiliary lanes and update accessibility (ADA) to meet modern standards 2022 2024 $18,672,000 mndot.gov/metro/projects/hwy10-anoka
Hwy 10 Extend Riverdale Dr frontage road south of Hwy 10 from Bowers Dr to Llama St in city of Ramsey; add access improvements, turn lane 08/2023 11/2023 $735,000 No website
Hwy 13 Reconstruct Hwy 13 intersection at Dakota Ave in Savage; build bridge and frontage roads from Hwy 101 interchange to Quentin Ave 2022 11/2023 $15,401,000 mndot.gov/metro/projects/hwy13savageburnsville
Hwy 21 Construct roundabout on Hwy 21 at CR 66/Sawmill Rd in Jordan; build trails 06/2023 2024 $2,641,000 mndot.gov/metro/projects/hwy21jordan
I-35, I-35W, Hwy 61 Concrete repair with diamond grinding of I-35, I-35W and Hwy 61 metrowide 2022 07/2023 $340,000 No website
I-35W Construct stormwater system on NB I-35W from 42nd St to 0.1 mile south of 40th St in Mpls 2019 08/2023 $7,600,000 mndot.gov/35w94
I-35W Resurface I-35W from Minnesota River bridge to 0.1 mile south of W 82nd St in Bloomington; construct auxiliary/acceleration lanes, update accessibility (ADA) to meet modern standards 05/2023 10/2023 $12,781,000 mndot.gov/metro/projects/i35w-bloomington
I-35W Landscape I-35W from 26th Ave to 31st St in Mpls 04/2023 2025 $400,000 No website
I-35W Landscape I-35W from Park Ave to 26th St in Mpls 04/2023 10/2023 $821,000 No website
I-35W Landscape I-35W from Cliff Rd in Burnsville to 106th St in Bloomington 09/2023 2024 $272,000 No website
I-35W Landscape I-35W from CR C (NE 29th Ave) in Roseville to Sunset Ave in Blaine 08/2023 2024 $199,000 No website
Hwy 36 Reconstruct Hwy 36 ramps at CR 48 (Fairview Ave) interchange in Roseville; resurface, drainage, signals and improve accessibility (ADA) to meet modern standards 06/2023 08/2023 $4,928,000 mndot.gov/metro/projects/hwy36roseville
Hwy 36 Landscape Hwy 36 from Searle St to just west of Arcade St in Maplewood 04/2023 05/2023 $10,000 No website
Hwy 36 Landscape Hwy 36 interchange at Manning Ave in Lake Elmo/Stillwater 08/2023 09/2023 $150,000 No website
Hwy 41 Resurface road at Hwy 41 intersection with Peavey Rd in Chaska; pavement marking and guardrail work 05/2023 08/2023 $56,000 chaskamn.gov/852/Peavey-Roundabout
Hwy 41 Resurface Hwy 41 from 0.23 miles north of Pioneer Trl in Chaska to Hwy 5 in Chanhassen 06/2023 09/2023 $1,834,000 mndot.gov/metro/projects/hwy41chaska
Hwy 52 Resurface Hwy 52 from 0.2 miles north of CR 86 (280th St/Rochester Blvd) in Hampton Township to 0.2 miles north of CR 42 (145th St) in Rosemount; repair 2 bridges, add cable median guardrail 05/2023 2024 $56,916,000 mndot.gov/metro/projects/hwy52hampton
Hwy 55 Replace railing and lighting on Hwy 55/62 over Minnesota River Bridge in Mendota Heights 05/2023 2024 $6,802,000 mndot.gov/metro/projects/hwy55mpls-invergroveheights
Hwy 56 Construct turn lanes on Hwy 56 at new CR 88 in Randolph Township 09/2023 11/2023 $580,000 co.dakota.mn.us/Transportation/PlannedConstruction/CR88/Pages/default.aspx
Hwy 62 Repair pavement on Hwy 62 from Hwy 13 to Lexington Ave in Mendota Heights 08/2023 10/2023 $2,166,000 No website
Hwy 65 Rehabilitate Hwy 65 (Third Ave) bridge over Mississippi river in Mpls 2020 06/2023 $12,000,000 mndot.gov/metro/projects/hwy65andthirdavebridge
Hwy 65 Repair bridges on Hwy 65 (Central Ave) at CR 10 in Spring Lake Park 06/2023 08/2023 $2,380,000 No website
Hwy 65 Construct crossovers on Hwy 65 from 97th Ave in Blaine to Klondike Dr in East Bethel; replace pipe crossings 09/2023 11/2023 $2,727,000 No website
I-94 Repair I-94 bridges over the St Croix River connecting Lakeland, MN and Hudson, WI; MnDOT portion of project 08/2023 2024 $1,812,000 No website
I-94 Resurface I-94 from Hwy 120 (Century Ave) in Oakdale to the St Croix River in Lakeland; traffic management system, drainage, signing, lighting, guardrail, noise wall, median barrier and improve accessibility (ADA) to meet modern standards, frontage road resurfacing. Construct EB auxiliary lane on I-94 from I-94/I-494/I-694 in Oakdale to Hwy 19 (Woodbury Dr) in Woodbury. Widen and strengthen bituminous shoulders on I-94 from Hwy 120 in Oakdale to St Croix River in Lakeland; update traffic management system, improve drainage, add bituminous crossovers 04/2023 2024 $107,905,000 mndot.gov/metro/projects/i94oakdale-stcroix 
I-94 Reconstuct I-94 St. Croix rest area buildings in Lakeland, including picnic, trail and pet exercise areas 05/2023 09/2023 $8,573,000 No website
I-94 Construct St Croix weigh station inspection pit along I-94 in Lakeland 08/2023 11/2023 $1,400,000 No website
I-94 Construct new pedestrian facilities to meet modern accessibility (ADA) standards at I-94 Elm Creek rest area in Maple Grove 07/2023 2024 $680,000 No website
I-94 Repair bridge on Plymouth Ave over I-94 in Mpls 04/2023 11/2023 $8,561,000 mndot.gov/metro/projects/plymouthavenue
I-94 Landscape I-94 from Williams Ave to Warwick St in Mpls 04/2023 2025 $91,000 No website
Hwy 95 Improve Hwy 95 approach at CR 28 (110th St) in Denmark Township 2022 06/2023 $738,000 No website
Hwy 95 Improve pedestrian and bicycle facilities on Chestnut St from Hwy 95 to Stillwater Lift Bridge in Stillwater (city of Stillwater-led project) 2022 08/2023 $2,566,000 No website
Hwy 95 Repair Hwy 95 drainage from 0.14 miles north of Pillar Rd to 0.52 miles north of CR 26 in Scandia 2022 09/2023 $127,000 No website
Hwy 95, Hwy 97 Replace lighting on Hwy 95 (St. Croix Trail) at William O'Brien State Park entrance and at Hwy 95/97 intersection in Scandia 09/2023 10/2023 $365,000 No website
Hwy 169 Replace bridge at Hwy 169 and CR 9 (Rockford Rd/42nd Ave) in New Hope and Plymouth; reconstruct interchange, pavement, signals and trails from just west of Nathan Lane in Plymouth to Gettysburg Ave in New Hope 04/2023 11/2023 $18,789,000 mndot.gov/metro/projects/hwy169plymouth-newhope
Hwy 169 Construct noisewall on NB Hwy 169 from Bass Lake Rd to 62nd Ave in New Hope 07/2023 2024 $2,615,000 mndot.gov/metro/projects/standalonenoisebarrier/i69newhope
Hwy 169 Install Hwy 169 pavement edge drain system, from 0.42 miles east of Old Brick Yard Rd to Canterbury Rd in Shakopee 05/2023 10/2023 $750,000 No website
Hwy 169 Modify Hwy 169 intersections from Hwy 19 in Blakeley Township to Hwy 25 in Belle Plaine; install cable median barrier, make drainage improvements 05/2023 08/2023 $6,760,000 mndot.gov/metro/projects/hwy169belleplaine
Hwy 169, Hwy 41 Install Hwy 169 traffic management system from Hwy 41 to Canterbury Rd in Shakopee, and on Hwy 41 from Hwy 169 to the Minnesota River near Chaska 06/2023 10/2023 $1,320,000 No website
Hwy 212 Resurface Hwy 212 from 0.14 miles west of CR 36  (Lake St W) to 0.7 miles east of CR 36 (Lake St E) in Cologne; repair 2 bridges, install cable median barrier 05/2023 11/2023 $14,905,000 mndot.gov/metro/projects/hwy212cologne
Hwy 244, Hwy 284, Hwy 96 Chip seal Hwy 244, Hwy 284 and Hwy 96 metrowide 05/2023 2027 $68,000 No website
Hwy 252 Make roadside safety improvements on Hwy 252 from I-694 in Brooklyn Center to MN 610 in Brooklyn Park; improve intersection at 66th Ave, install warning flashers at 85th Ave 07/2023 11/2023 $371,000 mndot.gov/metro/projects/hwy252
I-394 Improve accessibility (ADA) to meet modern standards on I-394 at Washington Ave and 3rd Ave in Mpls; fix drainage 04/2023 10/2023 $1,914,000 mndot.gov/metro/projects/i394minneapolis
I-494 Repair I-494 pavement on NB exit to Lake Rd in Woodbury; work on lighting 05/2023 09/2023 $587,000 No website
I-494 Reconstruct I-35W/494 interchange in Bloomington/Richfield; repair, replace and construct new bridges from West Bush Lake Road to Hwy 77 11/2023 2026 $154,584,000 mndot.gov/metro/projects/i494-airport-hwy169
I-494 Repair five bridges on I-494 between Pilot Knob Rd in Eagan and 24th Ave in Bloomington; rehab pavement and shoulders, replace lighting, reconstruct pedestrian trail and drainage work 04/2023 2024 $60,925,000 mndot.gov/metro/projects/i494mnriverbridge
Various highways in MnDOT Metro District Bituminous pavement crack treatments 07/2023 2025 $45,000 No website
Various highways in MnDOT Metro District Replace traffic detector loops 07/2023 06/2023 $7,000 No website
Various highways in MnDOT Metro District Replace dynamic message signs and cables 06/2023 10/2023 $572,000 No website
Various highways in MnDOT Metro District Replace traffic signal loops 08/2023 11/2023 $50,000 No website
Various highways in MnDOT Metro District Replace traffic signal loops 07/2023 2024 $45,000 No website