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Technical Certification


Certification cards


This office makes available through the portal a certification card to each individual with a certification number. This card shows what discipline(s) they are certified in and when the expiration date is. Certifications are good for five years and technicians must attend a one-day recertification class in the season that their certification expires to renew their certification. There are online recertification classes that can be taken over the course of the training season, but the exam must be taken by April 30 or students will have to register and pay for the class again next season.

Changes to your information

Changes to your information can be done by you in the Tech Cert Portal:

  • Your name
  • Address
  • Employer
  • Personal email address

I did not receive certification for a class

  • You need to register in the Tech Cert Portal
  • We do not have a valid email address for you
  • You completed a certification class, but have not yet fulfilled all the requirements for at least one certification
  • All your certifications have expired (you did not complete a recertification class)
  • Payment is due for a class

Contact the Tech Cert Program if you have questions about a certification.

Aggregate Production certification

Aggregate Production certification does not expire. Those with Aggregate Production certification will have "YES" after the words "Aggregate Production" on their card. Some cards will show "Credit" after Aggregate Production. This means you have satisfied the Aggregate Production prerequisite, but do not have Aggregate Production certification.