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Technical Certification


About the program

The MnDOT Technical Certification program is a federally mandated program that is part of the MnDOT Office of Materials and Road Research. In order for MnDOT to receive federal funding for highway and bridge projects, we must have a Quality Assurance/Quality Control Program in place that ensures that qualified and certified technicians are testing and inspecting materials used on those projects. MnDOT's program trains and certifies or recertifies about 4,500 technicians from around the state and neighboring states each year. See the FHA Code of Federal Regulations (PDF)

How it works

mndot construction project

Construction and lab technicians can become certified to perform work on Federal Aid, State Aid and state highway construction projects by successfully completing a MnDOT technical certification course (usually 2-3 days), followed by an exam. Some classes require a hands-on performance evaluation as part of the exam. To register for a class, technicians first need to request a MnDOT Tech ID number. All registrations are done through Lake Superior College.

Technical certification cards are the individual's responsibility. Access the Tech Cert Portal, and register. Once registered, you can return at any time to see class histories, class scores, and print a certification card. Technicians can also check certification status on the Tech cert master list. Recertification is necessary every five years.

I am certified in another state. Do I still need MnDOT certification?

Yes. To work in Minnesota on a project that requires technical certification, you will need MnDOT certification.

I am a registered engineer. Do I need to be certified?

All people who perform field or laboratory materials sampling or testing, or concrete or bituminous mix designs on Federal Aid, State Aid and state highway projects, must be certified. This includes registered, professional engineers. A registered engineer may exercise the test-out option for certification. The years of experience requirement for test-outs will be considered fulfilled due to the extensive training received by degreed engineers. For more information on the testout process, see the Technical Certification Handbook and the testout application and instructions.

How do I find out when my certification expires?

This office makes available through the portal, a certification card to each individual with a certification number. This card shows the date each certification expires. Certifications marked with an asterisk (*) must be renewed the next training season. If you need assistance with access to the portal, contact us.

What happens when my certification expires? Can I take a recertification course to regain my expired certifications?

No. If your certification expires, you must repeat the original courses, or test-out to regain certification. Both options require payment of the appropriate course fee. Extra fees are required for courses requiring lab review. For more information on the testout process, see the Technical Certification Handbook (PDF) and the testout application and instructions (PDF).