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Pilot projects

35W@94 Downtown to Crosstown

Formerly known as I-3W/Lake Street project

The 35W@94 Downtown to Crosstown project has been selected as a pilot project because of its proximity to the workers and contractors who have long been under-represented in public construction. The timeframe of the project schedule provides the opportunity to promote, offer training and engage the target groups. This project includes major reconstruction of I-35W from I-94 south to E 43rd Street. It also includes constructing a bus rapid transit station at Lake Street. The construction of the station adds a vertical element to the horizontal types of work typical in highway heavy construction and affords opportunity for a wider range of workers and contractors to participate.

DBE contracting opportunities

Workforce opportunities

Local Hiring Preference

USDOT approved a pilot program on an experimental basis with a particular interest in contracts where state DOTs wish to use a local or other geographic labor hiring preference, an economic-based labor hiring preference (i.e., low income workers), and/or a labor hiring preference for veterans. The goal of the Local Hiring Preference Pilot Program is to promote hiring opportunities for residents of Hennepin County on three highway heavy construction projects. More about the Local Hiring Preference Program.

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