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On-the-Job Training Supportive Services Program


The purpose of MnDOT’s OJT/SS program is to develop projects and activities that will enhance the state’s administration of the federal OJT program and to increase the number of qualified racial and ethnic minorities, women and disadvantaged individuals in the highway heavy construction trades. The operation of the OJT/SS Program is primarily funded with federal dollars and can be used for the following activities:

  • Recruitment
  • Skills training
  • Job placement
  • Child care
  • Outreach
  • Transportation to work sites
  • Post-graduation follow-up
  • Job site mentoring
  • Pre-employment assessment
  • Mediation
  • Pre-and post-employment counseling

MnDOT has constructed a budget to develop projects that support the purpose of the program based upon the following four categories:

  • Construction trades highway heavy training
  • Tribal construction trades highway heavy training
  • National Summer Training Institute
  • Workforce outreach

1. Construction Trades Highway Heavy Training

Construction trades highway heavy training is designed to meet the requirements and expectations of contractors that are awarded road construction projects by MnDOT. The training focuses on two areas: job skills success, and hands-on technical training. Participants receive support to obtain employment and a career in the construction trades, including the following positions:

  • Equipment operator
  • Laborer
  • Carpenter
  • Truck driver
  • Iron worker
  • Cement mason

Current / recent programs

Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development

The MnDOT/DEED Partnership to provide OJT Supportive Services Training is a five-week training program focused on preparing graduates to pursue careers in highway construction employment. Training is a blend of classroom and hands-on training where individuals learn tool use, equipment operation, safety, and receive guidance on how to find, land, and maintain a career in highway heavy construction.

Program contact:
Curt Sammann
Phone: 651-642-0704
Email: curt.sammann@state.mn.us

Summit Academy OIC

Summit Academy OIC is responsible for conducting a 20 weeks Highway Heavy Construction Training for minority, women and disadvantaged individuals, that will assist highway heavy contractors acquire and maintain a diverse and qualified workforce and help to improve MnDOT’s Equal Employment Opportunity employment goals.

Program contact:
Leroy West
Phone: 612-377-0150
Email: lwest@saoic.org

2. Tribal Construction Trades Highway Heavy Training

Tribal Construction Trades highway heavy training is specifically targeted to federally recognized tribes and tribal colleges/universities in Minnesota. MnDOT works with tribal entities in our state to provide training opportunities, as they support the agency’s relationship with sovereign governments and recognize Native Americans as the primary group in greater Minnesota that is still underrepresented in MnDOT’s programs and activities.

Current / recent programs

Cement Masons, Plasterers and Shophands JATC Local 633
Tribal construction union.

This project is a partnership between MnDOT, six Tribes (Fond du Lac Band of Superior Chippewa, Bois Forte Band of Chippewa, White Earth Nation, Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe, Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe, Upper Sioux Community) and the Cement Mason, Plasterers and Shophands JATC Local 633 to provide a 12-week Highway Heavy Construction training to tribal members. The program will assist highway heavy contractors in acquiring and maintaining a diverse and qualified workforce, and will help to improve MnDOT’s Equal Employment Opportunity employment goals.

Program contact:
Thomas Reger
Phone: 866-633-5282
Email: Local633@mtn.org

Fond du Lac Tribal & Community College

This project is a partnership between MnDOT, four Tribes (Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe, Red Lake Band of Chippewa, Fond du Lac Band of Superior Chippewa, Bois Forte Band of Chippewa) and the Fond du Lac Tribal & Community College. 

The college is responsible for providing a 13-week commercial driver license training and related skills to minority, women and disadvantaged individuals to gain entry-level On-the-Job Training positions with highway heavy contractors working on MnDOT projects, with local government agencies, or with MnDOT's entry-level Transportation Specialists series.

Program contact:
Larry Anderson          
Phone: 218-879-0804 
Email: larrya@fdltcc.edu

3. National Summer Training Institute (NSTI)

Kids building a bridge at  the National Summer Training Institute.

The National Summer Training Institute is an education initiative established by the United States Department of Transportation and the Federal Highway Administration. The purpose is to attract a broad and diverse selection of students, develop awareness and interest in construction for middle and high school participants, educate participants about career opportunities that exist in the transportation industry, and increase the number of participants. It is the intent of FHWA that state DOTs solicit the participation of Historically Black Colleges and Universities, Tribal Colleges and Universities, and other minority institutions of higher education. MnDOT administers the NSTI on behalf of FHWA in Minnesota. View current RFP or active contracts for NSTI.

4. Workforce Outreach

Workforce outreach includes outreach and training initiatives targeted to high school youth, underrepresented populations, and members of emerging communities in Minnesota.

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