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Local Hiring Preference Pilot Program

The goal of the Local Hiring Preference Pilot Program is to promote hiring opportunities for residents of Hennepin County on three highway heavy construction projects. Individuals that meet one or all of the following criteria are eligible for the program:

  1. Residents of areas with an unemployment rate greater than 8 percent (Economic Preference), 
  2. Residents of areas that have a high concentration of poverty (Economic Preference), or 
  3. Veterans that reside in the county (Local Preference).
The map below identifies the boundaries of Hennepin County which establishes the local preference for veterans, and the areas within Hennepin County which meet the criteria for the economic preference.
Hennepin county eligible residents for US DOT local labor hiring pilot program

Local Hiring Preference projects


The prime contractor will receive an incentive of $5 per hour for hours worked by an individual who meets one or all of the local hiring preference eligibility criteria, not to exceed the dollar amount identified below for each project (see table below):

Project number Location Maximum reimbursement amount LHP hours goal
027-681-034 CSAH 81 $15,149.65 3,029.93
027-653-021 CSAH 53 $45,392.20 9078.44
2772-113 Hwy 169 $90,324.80 18064.96

Contractor requirements and timeline