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Hwy 200

The Hwy 200 project starts summer 2021 and covers a 16.5 mile stretch of Hwy 200 from Hwy 371 to Hwy 84 in Cass County. The project is located entirely on the Leech Lake Reservation and within 60 miles of four other federally recognized tribal nations, which affords greater opportunity for American Indian employment.

If you are looking for work in a specific construction trade on this project, apply directly with the contractor(s).

Indian Employment

In line with MnDOT’s Indian Employment Policy, MnDOT continues to work toward increasing employment opportunities for American Indians on MnDOT highway heavy construction projects. MnDOT, tribal employment representatives, and contractors work together to recruit, train, and retain people for MnDOT projects.

The Hwy 200 project is the first to include a reimbursement incentive for recruiting OJT trainees from local tribes. The prime contractor receives a $5 per hour reimbursement for hiring an OJT trainee from a Minnesota Tribal Government Employment Contact. If that OJT trainee is provided a mentor while the trainee is working on the project, the prime contractor receives an additional $5 per hour ($10 total per hour) reimbursement.

Civil Rights Project Progress Report

The Office of Civil Rights will maintain a monthly Project Progress Report to monitor the impact of this project on workforce and on-the-job training goals.

Workforce Participation Goals

The workforce participation goals for this project are to achieve 9% of total workforce hours worked by women and 12% worked by people of color. Currently there is no workforce data to report.

On-the-Job Training Participation Goals

The OJT goals for this project are 3 trainees and 900 hours. Currently there is no OJT data to report.