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Bicycle System Plan

2017-18 Statewide District Bicycle Plans

Bicycle System Plan corridors shown in order of priority.

Bicycle System Plan corridors shown in order of priority.

The Minnesota Department of Transportation Statewide Bicycle System Plan (adopted in 2016) set an ambitious vision and goals to improve safety, convenience and comfort for local, regional, and statewide bicycle trips in Minnesota. To help reach these goals, the Statewide Bicycle System Plan will improve coordination and planning to better integrate regional and local bicycling needs into MnDOT project delivery.

Project Goal

District bicycle plans will establish:

  • Defined local bicycle routes on existing or planned facilities that will develop or connect the corridors identified in the State Bicycle Route Network (pictured)
  • Priority routes for improvement and investments; and
  • An estimate of the cost of building a statewide bicycle system.


Tasks and Timeline

This project will create eight District level bicycle plans for MnDOT. The District Plans will align with the Statewide Bicycle System Plan and will be individually tailored to each District, and assist Districts in identifying the need and prioritizing bicycle investments on the Trunk Highway system.

  1. Establish a process for developing a District level plan and regional Technical Advisory Committees (TACs) within each District.
  2. Conduct System analysis of each District
  3. Establish regional priorities and identify projects and fill gaps that support local and regional bicycle networks.
    1. Identify regional priorities and local system needs
    2. Project prioritization
    3. Develop reference guide for scoping bicycle projects
  4. Develop one to three projects statewide from scoping to preliminary engineering with maintenance and operations considerations included in the design.
  5. Development of eight District bicycle plans
Project timeline.